Wednesday, January 11, 2012

12 Habits for 2012

Well because it is oh-so-passe to have resolutions :)

January - Write atleast 2 posts per week ( i haven't posted in the first week but I'm pulling most of these from my posterior, and hence it shall be so :)

February - Wake up early every day.

March - Stay off Facebook and other blogs ( i spend way too much time reading other people's blogs to write my own)

April - Go to bed early. No later than 10pm.

May - Introduce kids to new cuisines once every week.

June - Limit TV to 2 hours/week

July - Take kids to a new place: park/museum/activity center every weekend.

August - .No eating after 8pm. Make sure dinner is done by 7pm.

September - Build a scrapbook, atleast a page a week for each of the kids

October - Provide food for soup kitchen every week.

November - Go for a date night/coffe with The Mr once a week

December - Incorporate 31 days of Giving into the life and include the kids in it.

Now to  get The Mr to sign off on this.

P.S: Inspired by Katie at

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Blogger Lady In Read said...

Visiting via South Asian Challenge.. love your resolutions and your posts. am going to steal the resolutions for myself (as you said, it is oh-so-passe to have them and I had planned to have them by now.. since I did not make them and found yours! - yay) am following you now

7:26 PM  

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