Thursday, November 04, 2004

the dead end...

You know it’s not your day when you log in to your X mail accounts and find that there is not a single mail pining for you…not even a mail from your Boss screaming at you for not updating him on the project front. I know for a fact that my update mail is sitting happily in his inbox and he would just Shift+ Del it as trash and wait for my ISD call. Makes you wonder why one goes gaga over Internet.

Anything worth doing is worth delaying…that’s the philosophy for the day on my white board and I am still breaking my head on what to write here… I mean it’s all nice and cool to say “hey dude I got my own blog and blah…” but then what do I write in it?
I am sure the one who lands up at this page (even if it is by some freak chance) is not really interested in knowing if I am as jubilant as Bush or if I feel that the Indian cricket team needs to go into retirement. So why did I go to all this pain of creating my own blog. Beats me!

But then that is not the reason behind this whole exercise…i mean there are days when I have to write to somehow give voice to the anger welling up in me and then there are those euphoric moods when there are so many happy emotions having a fencing competition in my mind, that I need to sort them out before they kill each other…and there are days like today – Silent. Empty. Most of the time it is this silence I try to wipe away with those little squiggles running amuck …

However I forgot one other reason, by far the most important one on why I need to write…I need to see my name in print! Someone once said Power is the best known aphrodisiac but I feel Fame is equally good if not better. The very thought that a hundred netizens (Well there’s no harm in being optimistic) would read my piece and relate to it is a wonderful feeling…Now don’t get me wrong! I am not writing to change the world, or move the mountains but I am writing coz I am selfish…it is more to do with the perpendicular pronoun than anything else.

Looks like I am stuck at a dead end and unless I know which brick to tap for a magical world to open in front my eyes, I am cornered. Till that magical moment unfurls…


Blogger BetterHalf said...

When u now look back on the then, you know that it is quite true that there are more than a hundred netizens reading ur scribbled pages
Perpendicular pronoun to signify the self. Nice usage

1:34 PM  
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