Monday, November 08, 2004

pit pit patter...splutter.stop.

7:25 A.M. I clutched my lunch bag and tried to run as gracefully as it was ‘kumarily’ possible on a wet road trying to catch up with that Giant of a bus designed to get me to office on time…Darn it! I missed in spite of a sprint worthy of an Olympic laurel. Just when I puckered my lips to sulk, I saw the Auto driver wave at me and offering to do a chase fit of a Bond movie…seconds later I am seated in the first seat of the bus, very much out of breath but happier for the fact that I am out of breath ‘inside’ the bus rather than ‘outside'…

But all this (mis)adventure couldn’t dampen my spirits…not on a day when I had the most wonderful wake-up call of my life…It’s not often that you wake up to the sound of raindrops doing a tap dance on your window pane and you get up to see the whole world immersed in a sublime hue of yellow that gives it an almost warm and furry feeling…as if you have been cuddled in your sleep by your loving Teddy Bear.

Rains bring out the best in me (and the worst in Chennai roads)…I tried to lean back comfortably. The seat would not budge. I gave up the struggle and diverted my attention to the world outside. I did want to add ‘zipping by’, but then let’s face truth, with all the craters waiting hidden underneath a big pool of slush and water, the only way I could have gone faster is if I decided to get down from the bus and walk.
Let’s forget all this. The crux of the matter is it was finally pouring cats and dogs in Chennai after a hiatus of a few or more years and instead of welcoming the rains I found the world cursing and griping their way to work.

Tears from above? Maybe but in my case it is more like manna from the heavens. I still remember that day in July, 2002(It could have been August too. My memory doth fail me at times). I had just come back from a 4 –year paid vacation sponsored by my parents in the sands of a forgotten desert. And it rained. The next moment I was in the terrace waltzing with my invisible partner in the rain. Aah…the simple joys of life. Why do we always miss the tree for the woods?

And today it was raining and all I could see was an angry mass doing it’s best to survive against all odds. Maybe the Rain God heard their unspoken feelings…unseen, unknown and unheard, he pulled the strings. Curtains. I looked out. The puddles were still there and so were the angry people…but there was a difference. The anger had now been diverted to the non-existent infrastructure and not the downpour. It had stopped raining.

Suddenly I don’t feel so happy. The morning's wake-up call seems like a leaf out of a glorious past. My rains have gone away. Will they come another day?


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