Thursday, February 10, 2005

Things not to do after 9pm debugging code...

  • Listen to any kind of music coz your PM asks you to be the DJ for the entire wing :)
  • Listen to Nayagan's 'Thenpandi seemayile...' - coz you are busy trying to stifle your tears that that GLARING bug completely evades your eye.
  • Listen to 'O Podu...' - coz you start head banging for it, hit the monitor and lose consciousness. (My blog so i insist on exaggeration!)
  • Listen to 'Kadhal Seidhal Pavam...' - coz you remember your promise to Vishnu, try to translate the song and diligently forget your code till a huge hulk stands behind your chair and screams "So this is why deadlines are always missed. Buhahahaha!" (My Pm's evil laughter)
  • Call up Daddykins who is on vacation, end up talking about blogging and you return to your seat only to open up and publish this balderdash.

"Kumari Next song" - my PM's request.

This is the only time i wanna obey him so let me try to crawl back into his good books :)


Blogger Vishnu said...


The DJing stuff has happened to me a few times.Thats when i switched to headphones and life has been happier since.

Thanks a million to know that you have been translating it one word at a time.Give it to me as a valentines day gift in 2006.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Vishnu: Naah, i hate headphones. I prefer loud music that makes my cubicle mates go crazy!
Hey Mahesh has been this diligent translator and has done his part...i am the procrastinating lazy bum who is yet to keep her side of bargain!
Will send it across soon...not in 2006!

10:45 PM  

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