Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Writing Exercise

scooters, vacation, fall.
Those are the words blogger cites as examples for labels. Why not bicycles, work, winter? Or gum, crap, swindle? Why have labels at all?
Anyway I tried to write 51 word(or less) snippets for each of the labels to keep the blog alive. And the limerick on Fall is dedicated to Maya's little monkey doll :)
I have always hated scooters. The sound they made when kick-started was like a demon coughing on his meal. As a kid you either stood in front of the driver trying not to step on his toes or sat uncomfortably between the two seats. The Butt of All Pain – yours.


What is not to love about vacations? Whether they are short breaks from school/college or the long one for all eternity, we always tend to look forward to them. Or do we? Are vacations an escapist’s Utopian ideal? If Death is indeed a vacation, how and when does one return?


I am an orange loving monkey

And they call me an Orange Fronkey

I dance on a rolling ball

Never ever do I fall

And I’m in love with your pet donkey.

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