Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reading Challenges 2012

Well, because I barely have anything else on my plate and one needs to do sth for the 37 hour days I have :)
On a serious note, unless i take part in challenges I don't seem to read new genres/authors.
And a challenge makes me keep track of the books i read so I can tell my Appa that i beat him coz Appa reads like there is no tomorrow and it is hard to keep up.

Award-Winning-Books Reading Challenge hosted by Gathering Books
Aiming for Silver Medal.
South Asian Author Challenge hosted by S Krishna's Books

Will sign up for more challenges as soon as the rest of the mind gets affected by insanity!

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Blogger Myra Garces-Bacsal from GatheringBooks said...

Hi Kumari! Welcome to the AWB Reading Challenge! We're glad to have you on board! :) Best of luck with your reading. I understand about having a filled plate, but yeah, I'm sure we can manage. :)

6:48 PM  

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