Tuesday, November 23, 2004

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In the past one week I must have discarded around 5 odd posts as unpalatable material…not that this one looks like it is going to be a masterpiece…But then it’s been too long and too silent so I finally decided to take action. To hell with finding that gem of a prose to post, I shall just go ahead with what I come up now.

Though I have not been really updating my blog, I have been busy blog-hopping around and the myriad prose that I came across must have numbed me coz suddenly I was more interested in reading than writing. And then it happened…I was struck by this wonderful realization. (Nope…I was not in a bath so there weren’t Archimedes acts in the offing). Anyway I was just wondering what would happen if all of us just kept on writing. Who would read them stuff – funny articles, not-so-funny-but-i-insist-you-try-to-laugh stories, crappy opinions, and crappier opinions on opinions? Just imagine! Reams and reams, okay fine, let me re-phrase, websites and blogs of vowels and consonants with no one to read! Now that would be tragedy.

So how do we balance this ratio? Come to think of it, why read at all? Why should an exasperated graduate-to-be struggling with his mid term assignment in small town Davis read some hogwash written by an equally exasperated software engineer trying to debug a session bean not written by her in big town Chennai? Well, he should when the above mentioned software engineer is his best friend *Grin*

Jokes apart (this phrase does make me grin for reasons unsaid) I guess it does make me feel nice when I read a good piece of prose/poetry but then I am ecstatic when I find a note of commendation from someone I have never met and most probably would never meet in this life time…kind of makes me realize am not just a dot in this cosmos but a recognized dot in the cosmos…the power of a simple phrase.

So here I am raising a toast to that wonderful clan of web nomads who find enough time not just to view the flora of my verbal desert but also take pains to water it…at times.


Blogger Vishnu said...


Nice to see that there are indeed persons like me...blogging is fun...and a phenomenon...which will soon become a normal day to day routine :-)

1:36 AM  
Blogger Aarti said...

Hey PonC! Been visiting your site everyday hoping to see a new post :-)!

3:47 AM  

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