Thursday, April 21, 2005

Of oversights, scapegoats and no third item

Looks like everyone was concentrating more on the 'After Break' section than the one preceding it in this post . Sigh! What can i do when even the loudest shout is lost in a crowd of whispers?
If it wasn't for Vignesh's call, i wouldn't have realised that none had realised about my late realisation :)


Team A released Player C citing sponsorship reasons though they wanted to retain C. Not coz they believed C was an exceptional player but then C did as told and Team A needed such players.
Team B gladly took in Player C though they made C cool heels with no exceptional openings. Player C didn't bother so much either as there were bigger fish to kill like playing for the Hampshire County plus Team B's Captain was quite a nice looking Guy.

However, Team A's fortunes on the Ranking began to slip and they really couldn't blame it on their Star Players. So Player C was pulled back into the team, under cover.
Should Team A accomplish the impossible, there is always the adage "It was Team work and the boys did it" however should Team A fail to chase effectively and lose, then there is always Player C - The ScapeGoat, who just didn't know how to swing!

And I love Cricket :(

You never believe me. There is no third item on the agenda.


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