Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My Lucky Thirteen

The young mother walked fast towards the gate...the lone gate which separated her from her loved one...the gate which a group of young boitserous 4 year old boys were trying to scale to reach the parapet wall. Her eager eyes scanned the groups of girls playing with their dolls on the ground. "Is that her?...No!". Panic slowly set in.

She frantically glanced around. The boys were now standing on the wall and talking gibberish and giggling among themselves... Giggling?
She looked more closely at the group and then amongst all those shorts-clad cats she found her little girl happily swinging her legs and in animated conversation with 'her men'. A sigh escaped her...was it a sigh of relief or exasperation? Only time will tell.

20 years later nothing much has changed.
The only difference being I don't sit on parapet walls any more lest Amma barges in and breaks my legs but spend my time in Coffee Day talking the 'man stuff' :)

Well so much for that 'interesting' flashback. Just the other day as i travelled home from work, i wondered what happened to those Y-chromosomed Lilliputians i spent the most wonderful 5 years of my life with...How i wish i could travel back to those days... The days spent with my 13 men!

*During one prayer meeting in the Quadrangle, a caterpillar fell on Augustine and he started developing rashes. He had to rushed home.
*Deepak hated me when he walked into 4A coz i was the first rank holder n he had to settle for the second rank. We became great friends later.
*Timmy is my bestest buddy...where are you now? (Another post on him later)
*David had a lisp and went to Germany sometime during the hIgh School days. Wonder what he and his brother are upto now :p
*Bhontu was a darling...dunno how he is now but i guess he still should be a dahling! He was so gullible. Every lunch, the guys would ask Bhontu to race and while he is gone we would gobble up his mom's tasty rotis n biryani :) Sorry da Bonda. I can cook better now. So meet me when you find me!
*On Daniel's b'day in 4A, Deepak gave him a kick, and broke his little finger on the way to Computer Class.
*Naveen dances well...well he did during our farewell in 5th std.
*Ranganath was this huge, fair, chubby North Indian who made fun of my name and then called me a pretty girl coz i had 'Burkina Faso' stamps. (Stamp collection was the IN thing then!)
*Prabhu was this thin, dark chap with whom i had a cordial relationship.
*T.K. Karthikeyan or T.K, as we used to call him then was the assitant class monitor. Yours truly was the Class Monitor of course. T.K is now the very famous playback singer 'Karthik'. Good Going Dude! But do you remember me???
*Noel was this reallly bubbly cute Muslim chap. He gave me foreign chocolates.
*Singaravelu was the quintessential smart ass. We were always at logger heads but we were good friends too...damn how did that logic work then?
* Venky was this brilliant kid who joined school in 3rd std. When asked the question, "What we breathe" he so smartky answered "Oxygen" and we all went "ooohhh...he is a show off" :p When Venky concentrates and does something, his tongue slowly peeks out between his lips...Do you still do that da?

Well since our classes were shuffled quite often i still havent talked about bunny-teeth Murali, and Isaac and Edwin...maybe another day...in another moment when the setting sun spreads a lovely hue inside your mind and you decide to walk down roads...roads you forgot existed...under wood apple trees, by a huge compound wall...when you try to catch tadpoles from the muddy pond and play GOD by letting them live in your water bottle...when you sing 'Piggy on the railway line' loudly for all to hear...when you were just Kumari...not a girl, not a woman, not an engineer...just you.

Thank you guys for making me what i am today :)


Blogger KoPoS said...

Pure un'adult'erated fun... :)
Lucky you

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey that was definately much much more than i needed to ease the pain!I loved it!!You should do a separate post for each person or somethin..hehe

12:04 PM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Shashanka: Yes...i am indeed lucky :) Thanks
@Ammukuttz: Glad to have made your day :p Hmm..not bad at all, i can in short increase my post count by 13 :)

10:05 PM  
Blogger Sagnik Nandy said...

Hey, girl - that was a very good description of the men-y men-y men in your life :)

10:06 PM  
Blogger veenaapponavan said...

One of the most lively blogs I have come across. Post more. :)

10:27 PM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Sagnik: Thankooo...I told you, I (am) Wo(o)Man :)
@Veenaapponavan: Interesting name :P Thanks and keep visiting!

11:02 PM  
Blogger shub said...

hey woo-man!! good post...but much to the chagrin of many men...(:p) the woo-man has been wooed! :p :)

7:03 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Shub: hehehe...but grapevine says the Adams are more than glad to be off the hook :p

10:57 PM  

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