Tuesday, April 12, 2005

And then there were none

I stared at the blank wall.
It winked at me.
One huge wall -
to draw winnie & daffy
and make them fall in love;
to make fish jump out of mortar
and breathe fresh air;
to scribble verses in vain
and try to hide the pain;
to chase away those shadows
playing puppetry
for an exhausted mind;
to just stare and look beyond-
beyond the sticks and stones
and search for a life...
to stop searching and just stay
in front of a wall -
A huge blank wall.


Blogger Vignesh said...

Welcome back dear mallipooo wearing, coconutty smelling PonC !!

For our ilk tha comes around looking for that bit of refreshing prose and motivating dialogue, thats what your blog has been all this while.. a blank wall !!

5:40 AM  

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