Monday, April 25, 2005

Welcome to Robot City

No, for the Nth time, i am not talking of the sci-fi flick which was much better in idea than on silver screen - "I, Robot".

Robots - This movie is one of the best animation movies i have seen in some time...make that long time ( i am yet to see Finding Nemo, Ice Age & The Incredibles. So stop rolling your eyes!)

This is not a review of the movie coz somehow i feel nothing can be said that would do justice to it. It being the peak of summer hols, the hall was brimming with kids in all sizes and colours with elders in all shapes and ages. Ammukttz, Shiva & I tried to blend in with the surrounding which wasn't quite hard coz if Family grapevince is to be believed, we haven't really grown much; neither in intellect nor in poise.

The Projector was suffering from a bad case of visual blurrrrr and after a few tweaks and a lot of 'Boooo's from the audience, the movie resumed - crystal clear.
And there was no looking back after that...2 hours of unlimited fun, witty wisecracks, funny spoofs and very very intricate and wonderful animation.

Don't ever miss out Fender's dance. Fender Rocks!

Who should watch this movie?
  • Parents with noisy kids. I won't say it would quieten them but it sure will make you equally noisy and your kids will give you a once over and say "Welcome aboard Dad! We never knew you could laugh!"
  • Cousins who are in charge of naughty brats. Time to sap their energy by making them laugh non-stop and gape with mouths wid eopen for some 2 hours.
  • Little girls who never grow up and Little boys who give them company in Neverland!Need i say more ? *wink*

Papa CopperBottom runs home shouting hoarse "I am a Dad! I am a Dad!". He flings the door open only to her The Mrs say, "Sorry dear. You're late. You missed the delivery". Papa Copperbottom is disappointed(Damn! how the hell did they make the robots show expressions?!!) but The Mrs says, "Don't worry, making the baby is the Fun part" and lifts a box of 'Do it Yourself Baby kit'!

If you didn't get the pun & the fun of the above snippet, this movie is not for you :-D


Blogger Vignesh said...

HHAHAH !!! I got it !!!! So am I allowed to go see the movie now !??!

I saw Chandramukhi this weekend... and I think I'm still reeling from that one... it was as bad as could be...:( Esp with annoying kids kicking your seat from behind !!!

4:02 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

:-D yup, but then being a geniAss it would have been cake walk for you :)

Whaaa? i thought Chnadramukhi is good. am planning to watch it this wknd esp for the noise in the movie hall!

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yaaay..more publicity for 'robots'.
Man, it'll be awesome if a movie was made with Fender as the hero .."Fender's World'--that'll b one helluva kickass movie!
I wouldnt mind watching 'Robots' all over again just for that one britney spears scene! :))*laughin as i think of it*

6:07 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Ammai: Yesh! Tell me about it! He is just AWESOME. I have been thinking of that scene and laughing my heads off...sometimes in front of a crowd of ppl who have no clue why i had that laughing fit! :p

11:47 PM  

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