Friday, December 10, 2004

A toast for the few and far between...

Yes, it’s been a long time but then I had almost given up on the notion that someone was visiting my blog. Three cheers to Aarti, Vishnu and Vitalstatistix for reviving the fire within!

This note is for you. *smile*

And to Daddykins who is proving a point,to Mother Boo who is creating waves in the SD beach and to ms.Drew who is lolling in France!

And to Aarti's Mr.B, who brought back memories of Rinty, Steffi and Cozmo. I have to visit them this Christmas. Rinty n Steffi are my best friend Jenny's kids(You can call them dogs only if you want to be clobbered by her n the rest of the family) while Cozmo is this huge and naughty grand child. That makes me aunt & grand-aunt in a single go!

And to my project team which is under the impression that I am doing impact analysis right this moment *wink*


Blogger Aarti said...

Hey PonC! Delighted to read the new pieces! And hey,as for people visiting, you would be surprised at the number that makes a visit, and how often :-)!
And three cheers to all the doggies in the world, glad to discover a fellow dog freak :-)!

11:16 PM  
Blogger Vishnu said...

Dude,you have no idea how many people are actually visiting your blog.90% of the people come in,read the blog and go away.Me belongs to the 10% :p

3:10 AM  

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