Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A galaxy of emotions...

Have you ever been caught in a whirlwind romance where you know whatever you say, it would still not be enough to convey what you are going through?
The absolute ecstasy and the pain therafter?
Those momentary pauses that can be filled with a million unplayed melodies?

Venu's The Milky Way
Daddykins' He read me to sleep

The simple narrative, an unique style which is so much a trait of these two men, turns and twists that shapeless mass called heart and opens doors i never knew existed.

Sometimes, somethings are better felt, than talked about...
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Blogger Primalsoup said...

Totally understand what you mean... Giving any form to such feelings/ emotions sounds as contrived as Blogs do! :)

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


do you like the sound of deadlines swishing by..!?


4:43 AM  
Blogger Satyanveshi said...

Kumari ma'am - Thanks for highlighting my blog.

5:31 AM  
Blogger Vignesh said...

Thanks LadyK for those two wonderful pieces !

7:52 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Soupy: :)

@Mahesh: I do love it! Don't ya? ;)

@Platy: The pleasure was all mine :)

@Vignesh : Thank the authors not me!

11:47 AM  

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