Saturday, May 14, 2005

Showcasing the hidden

The Loud Whisper

For years the Assamese have been waging a futile war with the illegal immigrants from across the border…the refugees that took their jobs as rickshaw-wallahs; the crowd that wanted a share of their food which was already not much. The Bangladeshi infiltration was rising more than ever and the Govt did nothing about it. In fact the Congress Govt in power claimed that there was ‘no illegal immigration’. Demonstrations and strikes yielded no success and last week a little known Youth wing finally decided to take matters into its hands. It took just a silent sms beeping on all cell phones across the state to not give job, shelter or food to the Bangladeshis to get the desired result. The immigrants soon started packing their bags and leaving for their homeland. The sms achieved what the Govt failed to deliver.
Why is our country keener on being a great neighbour than a good parent? Are we helping our cause by being blind to such excesses? Does the Govt have an action plan should these immigrants decide to disrupt harmony? Do we even consider North-East as one of us? 57 years and still no answers…

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The Muffled Scream

Everyone cries hoarse when it comes to the Godhra riots. And more elections would be won just on that one black spot on our democracy as party after party plunges their acidulous forks into a wound that is trying hard to heal… The commission’s report was published on the very evening it was submitted. Pretty good, you say?

There is another report that is lying dormant…another gruesome massacre. The 1984 Sikh riots -- The bloodbath that followed Indira Gandhi’s assassination.
21 years, 2 commissions and 8 committees later, justice is yet to be meted out to the victims. One old man lost all his 4 sons to the brutal rampage on ’84. He sits in a Gurudwara in Delhi praying all day long coz he feels even if the Govt fails, one day the Lord will grant justice. A young man walks the street of Delhi, the very street where he lost his entire family on that ill-fated day. The police had walked in and disarmed all the Sikh families saying they would guard them. And moments later, they let the mob in; a mob moulded on the orcs of middle earth with no heart, no mercy and no love; a mob which left only scars and wounds; the living dead. He survived coz just weeks ago his mom had cut his hair. Jagadish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar and many other Congress leaders and functionaries were named as culprits by the Nanavati Commission. Till date no action has been taken. With Congress in power, there is no hope that any action would be taken at all.

In our country every party has 2 faces and which one they use depends on where they are seated – as opposition or the ruling power. And these faces make justice as just another farce.


Blogger Hrishikesh said...

The blog on Assam is really nice. But then being an Assamese I can tell you the problem in this issue.

The problem is we Assamese. We talk about them at meetings and other public forums but once we are back to our homes we again employ them bcoz they are cheaper than the local Assamese labour.

If it continues I dont think Bangladeshis will ever leave Assam

2:44 PM  

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