Thursday, August 25, 2005

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Wanted -- A soothsayer…to gaze into the crystal ball with me; To discern the clouds and give names to their shapes; To weave a story with those shapes and write a fairy tale ending;


I always believed I was one wise woman. I know my acts prove otherwise but still the word has ‘Wise’ and you are proved wrong. So now I am wondering if I should let that wisdom tooth surface or not. It has only made me wiser to the fact that a protruding tooth spells ill omen for soft cheek and right now, yours truly finds it really hard to chew food with my right molars as my right cheek is one sensitive piece of tissue. Sigh.


Saw ‘Main Hoon Na’ finally. I know it doesn’t talk much for a self-proclaimed SRK fan but then that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Anyways, I just realized how much closer home ‘Ullam Ketkume’ is when it comes to college life and attire. Main Hoon Na portrayed girls in minis and cropped tank tops. I know in order to hear the jingle of monies in the BO, one has to crinkle a few clothes and throw them out but still which darn co-ed college in India lets students walk inside like that? (I have heard my friends say that the dress code is non-existent in all girls colleges with Dads dropping girls in salwar-kameezes who later transform into some wonder women in skirts and halter neck blouses once inside those huge compound walls.) And now tune in to Ullam Ketkume where you couldn’t ogle at Pooja’s navel until the songs took over. Asin got rid of her salwar-kameez only to wear saris and Laila looked cute in her capris and short tops.
This is what I call a movie rooted in reality not 7G Rainbow Colony or Boys.



Blogger jax said...

I dont know about the co-ed schools with girls dressed to kill, but like Main hoon naan,
I had a History teacher in school who was hotter than Sushmita Sen! Ooooh la la!! It was a violin symphony when she walked in!!

Why dont you consult Bejan Daruwalaah? Bugger told me this week's highlight would be romance. But nothings happening :(~~~~

3:18 AM  
Blogger Vignesh said...

I always believed I was one wise woman

I love the conviction in that statement :))

And yeah, engineering colleges in Madras - what wondrous dress codes we had !!

3:57 AM  
Blogger IdeaSmith said...

I don't know about other places but Mumbai and Delhi for sure have colleges that look like this. Some colleges here in Mumbai cracked down on the apparel a few years back, banning shorts and minis and tank tops....but as I recollect, we always managed to find a way around it (long live sheer shirts, zippered pant legs and smart jackets!!!)

12:41 PM  
Blogger ksp13 said...

Always wondered the same thing. Do people really dress like that in colleges... here in Malaysia, we engineering girls wore the ugliest T-shirts and lived in our jeans...

5:04 AM  

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