Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sexy, Bitchy, Naughty

1/3 is not great. Damn! It's not even good when that 1 appears to be Bitchy and not Sexy. I have a truckload of things to rant about but that would make this blog one of the most X-rated sites that you should stay away from and since i love having company especially when i am in a ranty mood, i'd rather not say half of what i want to say.

You know there is a God and you know He is playing His favourite ball game with YOU as the BALL when just a day after you call up your SPM to say that you are more than willing to give up your slot in the Visa process and also revoke claims on the Corporate Throne, you wake up to see the NewsFlash "H1B Cap Looms Nearer : 51,939 Cases Already Filed!"

What? And i wasn't even dropped a hint that such a thing would happen. This is not a fair ball game Mister God...and i shall make sure i enjoy every second of it however boring and claustrophobic i may get at home just to prove a point.
Wait a second. Prove a point? To whom? To Him?
Sigh. And to think if i had a clue about it maybe i wouldn't have talked to SPM in such an I-am-so-ecstatic-I-don't-need-to-work-for-you tone and would have settled for Don't-even-dream-about-office-without-me tone.

None of you shall recollect any proverbs. No Sir/Ma'am, you won't. So what should i do now? Or rather what can i do now?
  • Sit at home and write cookery books and grow fat as a result of the experiment of recipes on self.
  • Colour my hair a violet shade of red and join the local Orchestra and strain my vocal cords and the audience's ears.
  • Keep bugging The Mr til he presents me with the tickets for a round trip around the world.
  • Call up all Universities and check if they want a stupid Electrical & Electronics Engineer on their rolls for the Journalism class.
  • Find out jobs as a storyteller to kids and elders alike.
  • Write code for companies from home, on the sly and try my best not to get caught. Only catch here is i don't know to write code :(

Phew! I am spent. In case you have any idea of what i could probably could/should do, SHOUT!


Blogger ksp13 said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for awhile now. Just decided to stop being voyeuristic and say hi! That line about being an Electrical & Electronic Engineer and doing Journalism just struck a chord with me...

12:15 AM  
Blogger jax said...

Whats an SPM? Duh..

Well, you can always work as a checkout girl making conversations with other newly married indian shoppers cant you? :D

Look around, there must be some Indian theater enthusiasts group you could be a part of. Thats what a friend of mine in California did.

P.S: Bring on the X-rated stuff! :D

1:01 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Curlylocks: Hello and glad you became visible...are you one such brred? :)

@Jax: Senior Project Manager :D
Oh yes i can tho' i dunno if the Indian stores want me at all :p As for the theatre enthusiasts in California, it's just too far off from NE USA :( But if nothing else, i'll start my own troupe :p

1:00 PM  
Blogger Sagnik Nandy said...

te idea of being a storyteller is awesome - that coupled with your EEE background you can narrate technical stories to children of techies - and slowly initiate them into engineering - the first techno nanny - what say?

4:23 PM  
Blogger Me said...

U can check out with idiscoveri..they are located in philadelphia.. jus check their website www.idiscoveri.com..u'll understand what am talking abt..

somehow all of us have gone thro' this feeling.. whether ur in the US or in India or any part of the world.. but we still go on.. mebbe u shd start exploring ur talents like writing or even better u can start a reading class.. where u read out stories to local kids.. they love it.. jus tried it here in bangalore in my locality..and about 12 kids turned up and it was joyous.. try smth like this to kill time!!! so when u have kids.. u dont have to worry abt timings again :))

12:57 AM  

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