Friday, August 12, 2005

A Pebble in an ocean

I wanted to stop writing for get the madhouse which is my mind put back in order. Push all those unwanted scraps behind that door, lock it and stuff the key inside a stinking sock and shove the sock under the bed...along with all those cobwebs decorated boxes.

But i decided to do that later coz someone comes here... someone i love, someone i consider my soul mate someone i've known for a lifetime, someone for whom i can stop whatever i am doing and be by their side if only i had the means to do so...

I miss you. I sincerely do. We had our troughs and crests but we bore them well and it is hard to think of a moment when i did not think of you. I know a silly post on a stupid blog doesn't set things right but i hope it at least tells you that there is this little girl who needs you by her side all her life. So don't you dare dream of a life without me in it. Period.

I feel helpless. I know you come here. You know it is YOU that i am talking about. And you also know that I am here for you no matter what. So reach out and take my hand for heavens' sake, idiot!

Remember you promised to send me your poems so we can publish our little anthology. So let's work on it. Love you.

Talk. NOW.