Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Morning Flew

Fridays were my favourite, not just because they ushered in the weekend but it was also the day of 'Oliyum OLiyum' in the Doordarshan era. As a kid, I was quite regular with my homework. Amma & Appa had ordered this writing desk and a mini stool on wheels especially for me, from my grandpa (Mom's maternal uncle). I loved sitting on that desk and doing my school work. And on days when I got bored of the desk, I would lie on my stomach under the sofa, with just my head and hands out and write. And fridays being fridays, I was exempted from doing homework and I would spend all my time in front of the TV.

Do you ever wake up wishing you were somewhere else? I do. More often than I would normally like to. This is a beautiful country. I lead a luxurious life, in fact it is more than what I could have ever imagined in my little world but yet I long for the simplicity of the eighties, when the bell of the cotton candy man was enough to make you break into your best smile.

There is a bird singing outside our apartment and a few sparrows chirping sweetly to each other. Back in Tirunelveli, my Granparent's house was a traditional one with a long pyol(thinnai) in front of it. Every morning after washing the pyol, drawing the kolam, grandma would scatter grains of rice which would attract many sparrows. When Devi was around, we cousins fought among us for the honour of being "the one who brought the sparrows" for our li'l angel, every morning. The house no longer exists neither does our angel.

As part of every summer vacation in Tirunelveli, we used to stay a few days in Vadakathi Mathil, a truly remote village in the South. All the houses were mud houses with no toilet. Every one went to the woods/fields for the morning ablutions and then washed at the pump set. As kids who didn't care about the toilets, we loved to run across the fields, our skirts/trousers held above our heads, giggling and making fun of each other. After that age, I never wanted to stay in Vadakathi Mathil, with its open toilets and mud houses with no electricity. We lost those innocent moments, the day we grew up.

I doubt if my kids will ever see such traditional houses. Will they ever understand the romanticism of waiting for sparrows on a wet thinnai? Would they be ashamed to run butt-naked across open fields? One of the worst blows Fate ever deals is when it grants us what we want. Our superior technology, fancy gadgets and intercontinental travel. I wanted all of this. I surely did. I wanted a big house with atleast 4 guest rooms for all my cousins and their kids to stay when they came home, a big kitchen where all the aunts, grandmoms would meet,talk and fight about life, a beautiful garden with plants which my Grandpa can identify with eyes closed, a sunny verandah with an easy chair where Appa can retire with his many books and newspapers, a huge study filled with shelves and shelves of books where I would spend my time reaidng to my li'l ones....

The truth is I might get all the material things in the above dream without the people in it and that's what makes me wish I had never changed; makes me long for the uncomplicated life of yesteryears. Of budgets made in Eagle diaries, of walks on Marina beach every weekend and of oliyum oLiyum on Fridays.

Yes, fridays will always be my favorite. Coz Amma says, prayers said on Friday will most likely come true.

P.S: I need to cut short as I am very late for office.


Blogger Cacophoenix said...

I guess when you gain some you lose some. I am from a large family and actually had the above said things and the relatives to make life fun. From there to here where I have to at times make a conference call to hear all their voices together is irritating and sometimes I just want to go away. Life is funny. Ten years down the line we probabaly will be yearning for the quiet friday nights without a few brats around our ankles or the stress of juggling schedules...

9:18 AM  
Anonymous mathinambi said...

ammai, malarum ninaivugal partha santhosam engalukku.nalai rathiriyum nangal ellorum [periammam[2],chitthi[2] karthiakka,raji,un mathini]kitchanil koodippesuvom.meendum oru malarum ninaivgal un ninaivugalodu.unadhu karpanai veetil periya mutram & oonjal irandaiyum maranthuvittai endru ninaikkindren.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Cacophoenix: I have one such conf call in just a few mins and yeah it does get buggin! I know we keep yearning for the only thingwe miss but nowadays am scared if I bring up my kids here, they would just want to get out of my life when they are 18 :D

@Amma/Appa: Nandri :)Amam, maranthutten but micha socham gnyabagam paduthi ezhuthinaal, training-kku late-a poga vendi irukkum :D

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

itha padika padika avalo santhosama irunthuchu

aana atha vida periya santhosam unga appa amma comment paathu vanthuchu

paarunga technology atleast intha santhoshathayavathu tharuthe..

Have been a silent reader of this lovely blog of the gal who refuses to grow up..

9:58 AM  
Blogger pagala'k' said...

Relocating is always a pain (just moved into Hyderabad a couple of months back). What makes it worse is people are eager to know how I find it.

Minus friends and family even a city like New York or Mumbai could be really lonely.

4:21 AM  
Blogger Shirsha said...

arrgh reading your posts on some days i feel like am becomking tam-y, if u know what I mean!
Hey, also, shud we be sad that our kids will not get 90% of the fun we had, they might actually have fun of a different kind, wont they!? I can't dream how remote cars dashing against each other can be more fun than that hopping game(remember?) But they do have fun u know! well, actually as long as they dont numb their fingers and get CTS at 10, anything shud be acceptable!
Also, I remember my mom used to tell us at times the kinds of things they used to do, in the name of fun, which we never ever cud.. times change, fun changes!

4:27 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Anon : Thanks a lot :) Peru solli irukalame, naan innum santhosa patruppen :)

@Kumar: tell me about it! For me more than the loneliness, it's th efear of getting used to the solitude and later shunning crowd :) That can be scary! Btw is the relocation an excuse for not blogging? :p

@Shirsha : i know times changes and fun changes. But somehow i feel changes between our gen and our parenst wasn't so fast and so huge.I got to see and enjoy atleast some part of my mom's childhood as I was sent to granny's to grow up with 10 cousins around and with minimal technology/luxury intervention. And that taught me so many things which I want my kids to share. But i guess like you said, each gen will have its own fun points :)

5:30 PM  
Blogger shub said...

how did I miss this post?! Beautiful, beautiful post :)

10:10 PM  

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