Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dumbfounded - Review of Sorts

Sometimes the best way to read a book is to just pick it up and start reading.This book is the best advocate for that truth. Seriously! I walked into the library and the first book I set eyes on was this one - nice blue jacket and a kid in an Afro. I picked it up and I don't regret it one bit.

This is a memoir by Matt Rothschild, one of those 'affluent' kids of the huge Rothschild clan. But this book is not about the luxuries in life or of upper-class snooty behaviour. The author recounts his childhood, growing up in New York City with his grandparents, his quirky neighbours, the schools he went to and a possible reunion with his mother.

The book is quite fun to read, flows nicely and is emotional in parts and highly entertaining as a whole. I guess the fact I had no expectations for this book made all the difference in my appreciation for it.

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Blogger Ramya said...

i do that quite a bit too.. just look at books in the library and pick one that appeals to me the most..:) its fun when books like out turn out to be good:) so decided to do the jewish lit challenge as well, huh? nice!:) happy new year btw!

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