Monday, January 26, 2009

Why I am so silent...

Okay, to tell you the truth, as the last few posts were on books I got scared this was turning into one of those book blogs (I love some of them, I swear!) and it would repel the meager readers I have who come here to read my convoluted views on life told in meandering sentences and then I would lose what little incentive I have to blog and thus the world would lose another one of those pompous voices. Phew!

Also ever since The Implet turned one, life has just not been the same. She recently started walking and the second I turn away from her, she's trying to climb onto the entertainment console and pull the TV down. Which is highly entertaining if the darn TV didn't cost so much. No! I'm not worried about her getting hurt. Should I be worried about that?

But the most important reason is I hate writing reviews. Somehow the charm of a book is lost when I try to dissect and articulate all the things I liked and all the characters I didn't. It doesn't sound as nice as a loud book discussion. But when you sign up for challenges, like one mundhiri-kudukkai, you've just invited trouble home. So I guess all you lovable people just have to plow through posts on books and somehow find gyaan somewhere :p



Blogger Ramya said...

lol!:) now THAT explains the silence..:) as much as I enjoyed reading your reviews, I must say I miss the "you" posts..:)
so is the "mundhiri-kuddukai" going to continue with the challenges?

12:57 PM  
Blogger Kumari said...

:) See, I told you!
Oh I'm still reading but I just ain't reviewing :p Finished around 5 books :)

1:21 PM  

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