Wednesday, September 09, 2009

If Adolf Hitler

...hadn't invaded Poland,
...didn't try to exterminate Jews,
...had discarded concentration camps in favor of exiling Jews from Germany

would the world have recognized Josef Stalin for the cruel dictator he really was?
Did we ignore one genocide in favour of another...because we didn't look closely behind The Curtain?


Blogger Maddy said...

If the Allied Powers
... had not imposed Treaty of Versailles
... had not partitioned germany "for themselves"
... had helped the Russian white guards

would the world need to face the advent of these two dictators?

In contrast after ww2,
Did the allies
... impose any treaty after the defeat of Japan/Germany?
.. Partition Japan/Germany "for themselves"
... Stop helping the W.Germans..

Look closely and find who created these genocides?

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