Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I was absent

because Blogger wouldn't let me login due to some cookie issues. It was too much effort to clear cache, delete cookies blah blah. So instead I just munched cookies and read :)

So there, now you know.



Blogger Vee said...

LOL. You could've shared some of them darn cookies you were busy munching on. :Þ Watch for a rather melancholic post on my part.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

Woman! you are after my dark chocolate and my cookies. I don't like it one bit :)

4:54 PM  
Blogger Vee said...

but, but...I used to be called the cookie monster for my love of choc.chip cookies...and you can have dark chocolate. It's Surya who's mine! LOL

10:28 PM  

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