Friday, December 07, 2012

Marathon Blogging : Day 1

She is doing it so I am going to attempt this.
Plus this blog needs some really hard core resuscitation to come back from coma.

Trying to do it all as a mom, wife and a professional meant my personal interests took a hit.
Given a choice between writing or reading, I chose the latter as I could wear my judgmental hat and just laze around and pass comments on other people's life works - be it a blog or a novel. I needn't put myself out there in the world to be ridiculed at for my opinions or lack thereof.

However there isn't much growth if you read a lot but hardly have anyone to discuss what you've just read, even if it is something as inane as what temperature the house should be set at in winter.

I miss my old blog bubble - the camaraderie I shared with the few bloggers who went onto become good friends, the different viewpoints and the wonderful discussions- i miss it all.

I read many mommy-blogs and even though some of them wrote wonderfully I never felt at home with any of it. I couldn't identify myself as a mommy-blogger and yet who was I, if not a mother first and foremost? So i stopped writing.

The last time i was here, i was confused, rattled and not too comfortable in my own skin. Now i feel at home. This time I promise no wisdom but hopefully my kids didn't run away with all my wit. Wait a minute, can that happen?


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