Monday, December 27, 2004


Tsunami - Who would have thought that this cute word stood for a killer Tidal Wave?
- The wave that left death and devastation in its wake...
- The wave that left millions homeless...

Damn! I sound like an NDTV correspondent and this blog is not aimed at gaining TRP ratings while showing the pain and pathos.
But there is a lingering image in my mind that leaves me heavy-hearted.

She was hysterical as she explained to the reporter, arms beating at her chest...two kids...she heard the commotion and ran out of her house...with her 8 month old kid in her arms and holding tightly to her 6 year old...she was thrown against a tree and she lived. Lived to tell a sleazy reporter about how she lost her two kids whom she tried to she wished she too had she wished....pointless.

She was an unconsolable grandmother holding tightly to her granddaughter . Her grandson was lost to the waves.
Another body. Another face. Another story but all with a heavy undercurrent of tragedy that numbs you. Numbs you not because you are not connecting to them, numbs coz this was not how you wanted to wake up on a lazy Sunday morning.
How i wish i didn't see TV yesterday.

If yesterday stood for a mournful silence, today is for reckless plundering.

As I type this line, my company HRD has asked everyone to leave office ASAP as there is unrest in the city. Rumours abound that the DMK party big wig M.Karunanidhi has passed away.
Shutters are being brought down on shops and people rushing back home from office to escape the crazy party loyalists.
If the rumours are true, i feel sorry for the old man. But i still feel we are better off without another Janus in our midst.

And this brings me back to my previous post. Why are we so active when we can do with a silent prayer in our hearts for that departed soul? Why are we so passive when it comes to giving up Project Party Fund towards Relief for the victims?
My office welfare org has tied up with other NGOs and help is already underway...but somehow the way my team reacted to this, the way they said let's have the project party somewhere else other than the beach kind of leaves me bewildered.

Are we already dead deep inside and are we slogging in office just to fill that hollowness?
The answer is lost in the noise of the waves...


Blogger Little Medusan said...

I could not bear it anymore. I registered as a blogger just to be able to write a comment. :-)
You write with your heart and that is what makes your blogs so simplistic and full of life. Reading your blog makes me look inside me sometimes. Dont let your mind interfere with your heart ;-)

3:13 AM  
Blogger Vishnu said...

Good post buddy.

5:09 AM  

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