Monday, December 13, 2004

To lie or not to the loo

Does anyone watch the channel Pogo? I was tuned in to ‘Two of a kind’ which is this comedy on a single dad with a pair of twins. He is a professor and his student is his baby-sitter. Now last night the story was how he goofs up when he tries to fix a trouble between his baby-sitter and her best friend. He tries to patch up but the baby-sitter stomps off to the ladies’ restroom in the restaurant. He tries hard to wait and after a few seconds duly follows her into the Restroom :-D. He gets in and is about to continue his argument when he notices the couch. He is stumped and he asks incredulously to her "You have a couch in your restroom?" to which she answers matter-of-factly “That is where we sit and wonder why men were put on earth”…The rest of the story is unimportant coz I just found my blog-inspiration…the answer to why men are put on earth.

Now I have never been inside a mens’ restroom but going by the actor’s look of amazement I can safely assume they don’t have a chair much less a couch. So why does a girls’ restroom have one? Of course, my office restrooms do not have such luxury but I do remember walking into this artistically designed restroom in a 3*** hotel here in Chennai. Well they didn’t have a couch but they did have an armchair…a really huge armchair which completely engulfed me when I sat on it plus the best part is it is done in velvet.

(The following para would not make sense to anyone who was not a nomad once in Rajasthan.)
But not all restrooms that have couches have such elaborate ones. I still remember this particular restroom in our college FD-I (Faculty Division I). Enter through the second door which takes you straight to the main IPC (Institute Processing Centre) but don’t go to the main one. Take the immediate left that goes to the second IPC and again don’t go in there either. You wouldn’t find the couch. At the end of this normally bright corridor is a dark room close to the stair case. Welcome to the Girls’ restroom. As soon as you enter you would find a spacious room in the corner of which is the couch. Then there is a customized Oriental screen beyond which are the bathrooms.

Coming back to the couch, now this is a relic by any standards. It is a wooden couch that can seat two, the kinds that don’t have cushions but a plastic thread woven for the seats, quaint but comfortable all the same. The only hitch here is to circumvent the problem of complaints they haven’t wiped the couch since the day it was brought in. There is a 3-inch thick layer of dust settled since the times when Anu Hassan studied there or may be even more. This acts as a perfect repellant for any prospective user. To this date no one has figured out the purpose behind that solitary couch. Of course there is another couch in another girls' restroom in FD-II first floor, closer to the EMEC labs I think.

My office restrooms don’t have couches. Believe it or not, I miss them
It’s not always that you find the loo empty. So one might as well spend the wait time lounging on the sofa. However if it is a matter of great urgency I think ‘casual lounging’ wouldn’t really help…maybe then she can measure the perimeter of the sofa :-D
You can catch up on the latest fashion in town while away from prying eyes. Why not do it in style on the couch?
You can bitch about Mrs.So&So (just make sure she is not the one in the occupied loo)
Most important, good for mothers-to-be to catch some breath (provided they sprayed enough Pine Fresh air-freshener) This is much true in my office where every 5th woman is pregnant!

Was this blog on why couches should be in restrooms or on Why men were put on earth? I have no clue. Looks like I have justified the presence of couches but men…maybe another blog. If I can find them reasons.


Blogger Vitalstatistix said...

Hey, the restroom that you reach when you walk straight down the second IPC corridor - isn't that for the kindred of Adam ? Maybe there is also a women's restroom next to it (I am not very sure). But I do remember using this one in the midst of a very intriguing CPII online. I remember this pretty well because in the 90 minutes that the exam lasted, this was my only bliss :D. And no, it didn't have a couch......belated happy b'day !!

10:28 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

Thanks for the note!
i think there is one for the Eves right next to it. i remember taking refuge in it after my drama practise in my first year...CPII online? After that mega sploosh no couch could have given comfort:p I drowned it all in Pappu's chai :-D

10:28 PM  
Blogger me said...

y do u refer to us as nomads?we kinda stayed put in the desert for 4 yrs.dint we?
cool floor plan of FD 1,n "There is a 3-inch thick layer of dust settled since the times when Anu Hassan studied there or may be even more." kept me laughing like an idiot until i composed myself to pen this comment!!
n they have actually exchanged the ladies n the gents restroom recently.The chair is still there,and there is this dressing table kinda thing with a huge mirror in the ladies room.
(now dont ask me why thats important to u:P)

7:43 AM  
Blogger Ramya said...

Ah! I remember the couch! I even remember having discussions about the probable uses of it when I had nothing else to do (which was pretty much all four years in BITS)..:)

1:21 PM  

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