Tuesday, December 28, 2004

To Di

Two years ago if someone had remarked to me that I would be best pals with someone 3 years older to me , my intellectual response would have been “Bah!"
But here I am eating my own words as I try to pen this ode for this young mother who makes the 1.5 hour bus ride back home worth every moment!

My first impression of her was that she is elder to me. I know that is not what one traditionally calls a first impression but then I had just come out of college and my training was with a bunch of no-gooders like me and the last thing I wanted was to be in a project with a verbose man and two married women, one of whom had a 7 month old kid. I just longed for lunch when I can run and be with “people my age”.

What I had not bargained for is a married woman with an infectious smile. Now there are 3 kinds of smiles. Smiles that warm your heart like Preethi’s and Mani’s do ( About them in another blog) and smiles that are soaked in disdain and smiles that are matched in beauty by the twinkle in the person’s eyes that you land up smiling though the object of ridicule is you. Hers belongs to the third category.
We share nothing in common except for the lunch time, our love for books and Route No: 4. Yet unless reminded explicitly I would never have realized I am talking with a wife and mother. Such is her charm. (Damn! If she doesn’t treat me for this one line, I am gonna be heartbroken)

Kudos to Divs- a colleague who makes work comfortable, mother of a handsome young man all of 1.5 years old, the friend who’ll discuss crushes and strategies with equal élan, my scheming partner in pranks and The Walker’s club President!

Now that i have written about her, i am sure one Mandoo guy is going to insist i blog on him too :p


Blogger Kumari said...

This is what Divya's Hubby Vivek has to say :

Nice effort, looks like kumari is fishing for some treat, anyway give her one even if she missed out on -"a handsome young man who is 30yrs young...the secret of the radiance in ur face"

3:01 AM  
Blogger Sagnik Nandy said...

Excellent categorization of smiles - another one comes to mind which I was mentioning just last night - the "fake social one" - it lasts for exactly 3 seconds - lip twist, hold, twist back - that's it. I have a colleague who masters this - just the duraion of her smile makes me smile :) Keep blogging.

11:05 PM  

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