Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Mile sur with Kannama...

One innocent man posted a question in my office Bulletin Board to enquire if any of Chennai’s FM channels played Hindi songs and if they don’t he wanted to know the reason for the same. Fair enough.
One good Samaritan replied to this saying that as Chennai had a large Tamizh speaking population, it is not commercially viable to play Hindi songs to cater to the minority section. The channels stood a chance of losing popularity.
There the matter ended. Or ideally it should have.
However, what I hadn’t bargained for was an avalanche of verbal mud-slinging exchanged in a public forum on how Tamizhians disrespect Hindi and how Hindi is the best language suited for poetry and how we should play Hindi songs in our local channels as it is our national language, blah blah blah.

Then it went on to say how Bangalore is growing as IT hub just because it “plays Hindi, Tamizh, Telugu, Kannada” songs to cater to the Techie public. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I mean I feel patriotic enough to call myself an Indian and I do give our National Language the respect it deserves but why is there a huge divide between South and North?
North Indians branding Southies as the non-adjusting type and the South not to be left behind in this battle crying foul about the Babus who made Hindi the national language in a country where a thousand dialects/languages are spoken, where Hindi ceases to exist South East of Vindhyas as you enter a beautiful land of contradictions, aptly named as ‘Tamil Nadu’, where Tamizh is as Old as it can ever get, attaining Classical Status...

Somehow I could never understand this hue and cry. I must admit that I am no great fan of Hindi. But I don’t dislike it to such an extent to brand it as a useless language. Stranded for 4 years in a land where people walked, talked and breathed Hindi, I had no option but to learn it. If it weren't for “Bhaiyya Chaval!” I would be dead long ago!

I did have many an argument with my customized Array of ‘R’s (“arre yaar” :p) about the lovely nuances in Tamizh and they in turn enlightened me about Gulzar and Javed Akthar. So why is this junta in office so damn insecure with each other’s language?
I thought I will call them as kids for their immaturity but realized I would be insulting the kids…”My Daddy shtrongest” has deeper connotations than all this.

Yeah I can see that smirk. If they were foolish enough to argue about it I must have been even more of a fool to dedicate a blog to it…

But then you see I love this:
Duaon main dam hota to tum hamare hote..
Kise khushi ki kwahish hai ab…
Magar zindagi na guzarti rote rote..

And I love this too:
Idhazhgalil muthamidu endren
Muthamittal -
Avaladhu lipstick ottiyadhu
En kayil irundha rojavil!

Translationof my rendition :
“Kiss me on my lips”, I said.
She did -
Her lipstick stuck to the rose petals
In my hand.

(in Tamizh lips and petals are synonymous! - Idhazhgal)


Blogger Little Medusan said...

The North South Divide reminded me of an incident that happened in IT-BHU. There was a guy from Kerala who joined IT-BHU, Varanasi. All the guys from UP/MP/Delhi etc used to call him "Madrasi". On asking why they do so, the boys replied, "for us South Indian means you are from Madras, hence Madrasi".
That fellow from Kerala or Madrasi as he was called, started calling every North Indian Guy "Sardar", reason according to him North India meant Punjab and all North Indians - "Sardar".
Ever since that day nobody called anyone a Madrasi any more :-)

1:37 AM  
Blogger Sagnik Nandy said...

thank GOD you brought up the topic

i have been subjected to a zillion "the problem with you North Indian ..." and ".. you South Indian" debates. Interestingly I am a Bengali, so North Indians think we are in East and South Indians think we are from up North. so basically we have a much bigger identity crisis since no group wants us :)

7:28 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

Talk about it...The Banerjees and Sarkars in my gang were ridiculed as "people who eat everything including tea" coz they always said "Hum tea khayenge!" :-D And us Madarasis are bad coz we had the unpronounceable ZHA while of course Hindi's ka, kha, ga, gha is easy as a pie :)

7:37 AM  
Blogger Vitalstatistix said...

A few points to be made :
Bangalore doesn't play songs from all languages (atleast the popular FM channels don't). Even if they do, I guess its not during the peak hours.
You could probably ask the bro from north why channels up there don't play Tamil songs.
I guess, its not just about the north-south divide. I am sure in those four years you would have seen more of the intra-peninsular wars than the north-south ones :D.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Sriram said...

I don wanna cmnt on whether hindi songs should be played or not...but i have always been told dat life is miserable to some one(northie or southie) if he doesnt speak/understand tamizh in chennai. def'ly dat problem is not there in hyd and b'lore. dats y ppl think of them as friendlier dan 2 cents do!

4:55 AM  
Blogger jax said...

Do you work at Infy by any chance? I used to work there and there used to be these unnecessarily long-drawn arguments on the BB, each person going off on a tangent holding up his/her language and giving his/her much-in-demand opinions! Crazy place! And the arguments never end!

12:53 PM  
Blogger Kumari said...

10 Marks to you Jax...hehehe, the argument doth continue:p:p

10:12 PM  
Blogger Vishnu said...

That thing about Bangalore is completely misunderstood i guess.If you are a member of by any chance,come to the Bangalore community and see whats happening.Every 3 days,there will be a post saying "Why is bangalore allowing outsiders.." and such postings.Its all disgusting.

Its equally appalling to see the reaction of Northies when they hear that i dont speak hindi in my home.IN HOME!!!!!

The best thing is to leave all the topics alone.

By the way,you are in LOVE i guess.Poor guy!!!

5:44 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

Ahem! poor guy? Jeez no wonder it is taking ages for the Family to find hubby pour moi :(
I guess this is another topic to be left alone :-D

5:54 AM  
Blogger Om said...

part XVII of the constitution:
defines OFFICIAL language (NOT national lang)

Article 345: This gives the State govt., power to decide its own "OFFICIAL LANGUAGE"

Article 343: This defines hindi and english to be the "OFFICIAL LANGUAGES" of union govt.


NATIONAL LANGUAGE: defines the people of the nation, culture, history.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: used for official communication

While a National language by default can become the Official langauge, an Official language has to be APPROVED legally to become the National language.


10:07 PM  

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