Friday, January 14, 2005

My first post on dial up...

I've stopped thinking up amazing, poignant, sending-a-chill-down-your-spine titles for my blogs...the main reason being there are no amazing, poignant sending-a-chill-down-your-spine titles left in the right side of my brain. Moreover i am hooked to a dial-up net connection which might decide to leave me high and dry any moment...aaah! i never ever thought i would miss office.
This is the first time i am blogging from home. My net connexion at home is damn funny! It has never linked upto yahoo during weekends as if to save me from an impending doom - the heartbreak of seeing an empty inbox :p
But today has been lucky...i opened yahoo to find the invitation i had been waiting for - to contribute to the 'BITSian' to think of a wonderful piece of prose to set those wheels in motion.

Pongal was wonderful...I made the customary 'Sarkarai Pongal' this time and Surprise! it was Yummy:)Life can only get better from this point onwards... I know to you it might seem funny, but then making the Perfect 'Sarkarai Pongal' is never an easy job.

Every year our entire family met in our native place Tirunelveli and from there made a trip on 2 vans to a small village called 'Vadivuchi Mathil'..this is where my grandparents lived aeons ago. We have a small temple here and every year we have our puja in May with my Grandma being the pujari... Now a word about her, i know there would be many amongst you, who would refute any claims of vision and the Goddess possessing humans or speaking through them but in my family , my grandma is The Goddess...there is no doubt in any of our minds... I still remember how scared i used to be to stand next to that Puja room. Grandma would get inside that dark room, lit only by lamps, perform the aarthi, close her eyes and chant a small prayer. My eldest cousin would stop ringing the bell...the only noise heard would be the birds on the trees. Pin-drop silence, otherwise. Slowly Grandma would sway and i would try to inch my way away from the entrance. An then a shout, loud enough for the entire village "Everything would happen as you planned. I am here to protect. Go forward with your tasks." Silence again. She would open her eyes and then come out to bless the entire family. And when she blessed each one, to us, it was never our Granny, it was always The Holy Mother. To each one she would say something which would be the answer to the question they never asked aloud, yet she would know. She always knows.

My Grandpa is turning 85 this Feb and Grandma just turned 78 last December...I don't know how long SHE plans to leave them with us but i would long to see my little one inch away from that puja room, with fear in her eyes, looking at her great-grandma, swaying to an unheard music and speaking to an unseen friend - HER GOD!


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with BSNL launching broad band service at a really reasonable rate, you could probably switch to that.

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