Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mystery revealed...

In response to Vitalstatistix's comments to previous post:

Q: Two girls leading Divinity . That is a Secret. So who am I ?
A: Me :-D

--The above is the cryptic clue created by my colleague Vidhya during one of our "guess your team" crossword game.

'Chidambaram' is Dad's mom's name. Dad being first born and i being his only kid, i 'need' to have grandma's name :)
Dad's name is Ponnambalam. Ideally initial should have been 'P' but then amma felt i would be ridiculed as 'P' in tamil meant shit and in English also didn't sound any saintly :) So settled for 'Pon' - gold.

Started this as a comment but realised it is longer than my news snippet. So decided to make it into a post.
Anymore fundas on my name and i'll cease to be an enigma :-D


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