Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Midnight Saga...

With just few minutes digitally separating today and tomorrow, i sincerely hope the dawn is much better n brighter than how today turned out to be.

  • Went against routine and decided to eat dosas instead of packing them. Missed the office bus, chased it in an auto, made purse lighter by some odd bucks (it does make a difference to me!) and finally entered office resembling something that the cat dragged in :(
  • Opened inbox to find a mail from present SPM(ex-PM) to submit resume for a project in a field i have no clue about, in an US city i don't want to travel to...Not that they were planning to send me onsite anyway but still...
  • Went and met SPM to say i don't wanna take up project and got a truckload of shit on how small fish like me don't have right to choose which pool we'll swim in.
  • Got back to seat to see The Haen breathing fire like a wounded Hungarian Horntail on my productivity curve which was fast approaching Australia.
  • Called up home only to be informed about the delicacies i would be missing by staying late in office.
  • The Haen disappeared around 8pm with kind words, "Integrate else dis-integrate yourself".
  • Tested, exported app, started server only to find WSAD display "Exceptional" behaviour.
  • Now looking at my RED monitor trying to find that infernal bug!

*Sigh* Waiting for this night to end...


Blogger Vignesh said...

As with all good things, this too shall pass ;)

1:43 PM  
Blogger Kumari said...

Good things shall pass? :O
*Droopy face*
And i thought just a call away....

1:45 PM  

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