Monday, November 21, 2005

The reverse countdown

9 more days to board the long flight back home to the United States.
Waaaaaah! I don't wanna go :'(
But then with The Mr spending every free moment at Gillette Stadium watching the Patriots game, i better hurry lest he becomes their loyal fan and not mine :D

Weekend was blissfully spent at the wedding of my closest friends. There is something wonderfully beautiful about attending other people's weddings instead of your own. I mean, at your wedding, though you are the cynosure(I finally used that word in my blog) of all eyes, you rarely get time to giggle or laugh during the proceedings (which i anyways did as proved by the videographer). But at other weddings, you can comfortably snuggle in a chair with your group, point fingers at the bride and the bridegroom and make jokes knowing that they can't come down the stage and spank you :)

Thanks Burry & Juvi for a wonderful 'wedding' experience :)

List of to do's that i started with before i left USA still remains just that.
Haven't yet watched Ghajini.
Not sure if i will get to see HP4 with Ammukuttz and Dudezie.
Missing out on a PTM trip scheduled after i leave. Grrrr.
Can never make it for Muzhian's wedding :( Damn you da.

But then i can make Apple-Paneer salad for The Mr and force him to agree it is yummy :D
So long India! Here i come Nashua :)


Blogger Madhu said...

Apple & panner salad (eewww !) I pity thy Mr.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kumzieee...ur back!!Oh we are soo going for get that out of ur list woman!:) im kiddin...its time to start prickin,prodin, n watever else it takes dudezie to take us..

12:55 PM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Madhu: Poda. U will be served just that when u come home to visit us :p

@Ammukuttz: You are back too :p i think Dudezie is missing some good old-fashioned kick in the butt to get him moving. So pls do the needful :D

3:26 AM  

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