Thursday, February 23, 2006

Painted Faces - IV

Most important day of 1999 was the day when Kuupi shed his dirty sweater :D
Jan 31, 1999. Bluemoon day. Also the day of dept photos when we dressed up in B&W. It was a warm day and the session was in the afternoon coz of some movie in the evening. Being part of the PeP dept, I was all dressed in Duck's cute velvet black skirt and my new white short top and I had left practice early. At around 5.45pm (Don't question me! I am sure it is right, even if it is left of the centre) as I cycled back from sky, I saw the Diro walk slowly back to Mal from FD-I and the most beautiful moon rose from behind his head like a huge halo. Kuupi has never looked as handsome as he did on that day. We stopped and talked about Bluemoons for a few minutes and then we went our separate ways.

  • Kuupi taught me dance steps and I became the dance Guru for Gan-P & Kush. Dunno why, but Kush & I always greeted each other as Yo-man! & Yo-girl!
  • 'Agnihothram pandrela' Goosie taught Yacoob & me ThermoD, an awful course dealing with God -knows-what. Unfortunately, all that tuition did nothing to the grade card.
  • Learnt the song Kuupi wrote and another Mal-ite composed.Or was it the other way round? Here it is for your enjoyment. Thamizh knowledge necessary. **
  • Unwritten rule #4321: Buy Thambi lollypop everyday :)
  • I was pampered the most when I fell sick and the silly Pilani MedC doc claimed I might suffer from TB. The Ummachis were in Sky scripting when Yash n I rushed to tell them that I tested negative. Got treated to more chocolates :)

Most of The Ummachis chided Ambi for pampering me. But then before they left, they each got me a lollypop without the other person knowing. It was the night before E&M compre. Yacoob, yours truly and Ashok were sprawled under the Gandhi statue knowing full well, nothing short fo an earthquake can save our E&M grade. Pete came by that way with an orange lollypop and said, "Wasn't sure if I'll run into you. Take care and this is for you".

Before they passed out, I gave each of them a farewell poem(apart from the many other verses I wrote for them). The high point of all this was when after 5 years I had coffee with Pete in Barista, Blr on Jan 5, 2003. He slowly took out a yellowed paper from his wallet and asked "Do you remember this?". It was the poem I gave him before he left campus. Never in my life has anyone treasured my silly verse in their wallet and obviously I was moved.

I could write more but then I end up missing that life more too. So will stop the MT puranam here and move on to the next play 'Ettavadhu kadal'.

** The Song:

Anniku naan anga varava?
Kannathula mutham tharava?

Kadhalee, en kadhalee

Kaadhal theeyai nee moota
Kaadhal noyum ennai vaata
Theeyanaippu padai inRi thavithEnE !
Noyin theeyil thagithagithEnE !

Manai onRai naan amaikka
manaiviaaga nee amaiya
Kittum adi kaadhal sorgam
puriyadhidhu verevarkkum!

town ta town town ta town town
town ta town town ta town town( this my rendition of the guitar :p)
Kaadhalee, oh kaadhalee


Blogger Ducking Giraffe said...

Hey, I probably dont know most of these names, but y does it all seem so familiar!?

12:23 AM  
Blogger Archster said...

just for ur blog (ok anda few other reasons) i want to pick up a 'learn tamil in 30 days' book.


how very touching that your friend carries your verse in his wallet.

3:07 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Gif: Maybe you met them at some point in your first year :)

@Archster: Trust me that was the only high point of 2003 :D I did want to translate the song but then most times my translations turn out very kiddish. So left it as is :) But yeah, learning Tamil would be a good bet :)

10:24 AM  
Blogger Nandha said...

Hi Ponc,
This is my first visit to your blog write amazingly well ... i started with painted faces iv and ended up in reading all the related posts ...sure days at BITS are the best days of life !

- Nandha

12:54 PM  

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