Friday, February 03, 2006

20 Something Crisis

Tagged By Jax.

  • I own more than 60 sarees. Unfortunately I am stuck in a country, in a weather where I can't wear even one :(
  • Stage is my first love; acted in 7 plays while in college. But my magnum opus is my never-ending life.
  • As an arrogant, stubborn kid, I used to throw things when I was angry. It only bent the vessels but never got me any dolls.
  • I have a big mouth. Being the quintessential Saggitarian, my foot is there most times.
  • An extrovert, I make friends easily and too quickly. And spend the rest of my life complaining they never stay in touch.
  • I rarely scream at people I love. I instead bundle up my anger and cry in silence.
  • I survive on a lavish diet of Attention. One reason why I end up making so many friends.
  • Love being in an engaging argument. Of course, only if you let me win in the end.
  • I am a hardcore romantic and wear my heart on my sleeve. That explains the innumerable scars.
  • Take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 minutes to get ready. Depends on who is coming to dinner.
  • Look my best on days I am most depressed. Didn't you know I am a balanced girl?
  • Would run to the road the minute I hear the Soan Papdi wallah/Cotton Candy wallah's bell. Even if I am in a saree and my dad's friends are home.
  • Sometimes I can be so absentminded, I throw the toffee into the bin and try to eat the wrapper. Of course, later i try to see if I can fish the toffee out.
  • My memory is too good and I remember what I did as a 2 year old. My boon and curse.
  • I can't let go of things, moments or people. I have the wrapper of the first chocolate my best friend gave me. Now i know, why i feel so burdened.
  • I feel it is okay to cry, hug,kiss in public. Except that nobody wants to be near when I am in that mood :)
  • Was a topper throughout school. And went to Pilani to make a series of zeroes that I am proud of now.
  • Hate being told what to do. Ask me sweetly and I'll do more.
  • Too aggressive with perfect strangers but completely submissive at home. Reason why I am not outisde Mani Ratnam's office asking for roles :p
  • Expert in relationship counselling of friends. End up making more mistakes; most of them similar.
  • Love kids. Yes, I am the family/neighbourhood babysitter as I am the only one who can talk to the green and brown cows using a toy phone.

As for tags, if you're keen then you're IT :)


Blogger Angel said...

Wow...I like yours! :)

Me loves kids too...and I find their silly games so interesting! :P

1:06 PM  
Blogger jax said...

Ahahah! Nice one!:)
I do that chocolate wrapper thingy too. I absolutely cannot hold more than 1 object in my hand!

9:00 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Angel: I swear. But don't ever term those silly...You're in for big trouble sistah :D

@Jax: I told you we have too much in common :D

@Archster: I guess Sagittarians world over are almost like peas in a pod :p

10:40 AM  

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