Friday, February 03, 2006

Save the earth Tag

This has been tough. Normally I stick to advising people and never venture beyond that realm of comfort. However with this tag, I didn't want to preach what I didn't practice. So took some time to incorporate what I wanted to say.

1. Save Paper. One thing I realised I did a lot after reaching USA was 'waste paper'. Bounty paper towels were available in large amounts and I did use them a lot. I guess if we revert back to our 'satuduthuni' or cloth times from India we save paper and there by save Trees. I now use small towels to wipe my counter top clean, wash it, dry it and reuse it. So my Bounty pile is still untouched :D

2.Recycle. But the catch here is to make recycled products available and affordable. Like there is this American company that makes trendy washbasins out of recycled plastic but it costs a fortune :( Guess that defeats the purpose.

3. Stonehouses. I know it sounds funny, but I recently read that the timber for construction in Europe comes from South East Asian forests. Kinda makes my blood boil when you realise the so-called 'third world' nations have to deplete their resources for mansions of the West. Wouldn't it be better if we built houses with bricks and stones? (Am sure I am missing some valid point but still..)

Sheesh, this was extremely mind boggling. The quickest way I could think to save Earth was to disappear to Uranus :D
I pass the tag to Jax, SmugBug and Gif/Duck :)


Blogger Angel said...

Hey have you been tagged with the '20 things about yourself' tag?
If not, I'm tagging you with it.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Angel: Yes I have been tagged :D

@Rs: Glad, I made some sense :)

10:37 AM  

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