Friday, January 13, 2006

Wisdom from Down Under

You can change a man only when he is in diapers.


Blogger M (tread softly upon) said...

ha ha ha ha...good one!
Loved the how's the workshop going? Do you get to hear a lot of nice writings?

12:46 PM  
Blogger Vee said...

That's hilarious! And so true!:) You have the most hilarious stuff on your blogspot. Thanks for the mid-afternoon laugh. :)

1:18 PM  
Blogger Balaji said...

one of the finest double entendre puns i've come across recently. Awesome :)

5:15 PM  
Blogger piggy said...

I thought thatz the same with everyone. Why particularly men? You, too, Brutus, my friend?

(I really liked the pun)

9:54 AM  
Blogger Partha said...

just too good... amazing wisdom... :D

11:26 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@All: Glad you all enjoyed it :)

@Piggy: Of course it is the same with everyone. Only reason it says 'Man' is coz it appeared in a women's mag lying in the Gynaecologist's office :D So there, am not brutus :)

10:32 AM  

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