Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Writer Workshop - I

It isn't easy being a housewife.
Not when you're a software engineer who pens verses.
Not to another software engineer who is buried under streams of code.

So when I heard about this writers' workshop that meets every Thursday at our local Barnes & Noble store, I just clapped my hands in glee and twirled myself :) This is a small and cozy group that meets every week to do what they love best -- Read & Write :) The group is quite an eclectic mix from a high school kid, to artists and editors and a bored housewife :D

The first 30 minutes or so are spent in reading our homework. Oh yes, we have homework. At the end of every session a 'prompt' is chosen and we write on that prompt. Everyone reads their story and we exchange ideas. Then another prompt is chosen for the evening and we go to our corners (within our minds, ofcourse) and write on it. This is quite fun coz in 30 minutes you have to come up with some kind of article... a story, a verse or a short essay. It could be of any genre from fictional, philosophical, funny to horrific. It's all upto you. And then we read those loud to the group, listen to their comments and go home one happy kid.

It isn't exactly a critique session but I love it just the same coz you realise there are so many windows to that one room and they all show a different view. One of the homework prompt was "End of the World". And this is my very feeble attempt on it.

Welcome to my world! A world of no boundaries and nonstop music; music more chaotic than what you've ever heard. When Big Papa yawned and expanded our family we went ballistic. I don't know when that happened as it was much before Time was born. Ours is a world where everyone has their space and we had lots to spare should one need more. We have our little holes, our dusty friends to exchange dark news...Well, you could say it is a magical dark and wild world. Atleast it was like that until the Big Voice boomed "Let there be light" and brought a bright end to the world as I knew it.

Tomorrow's homework is on 'Orphan'. Once i figure out what to write, I shall post it here and torture you.


Blogger M (tread softly upon) said...

This is wonderful. And this is what I love about this country. The creative outlet that everyone has. I am glad you found your little niche. And keep writing and having fun. THAT is the most important part.

12:00 PM  
Blogger BetterHalf said...

I guess i would happily be a not so bored housewife with the writer's workshop to attend than churn long lines of weary, dreary code. Only there are small technical difficulties, the husband is yet to be found, that and the fact that writer's workshops are not easily available across the street, and i dont know if ramblings can be equated to writing.
Liked the way u ended the 30 minutes prompt thingie. "Let there be light" and brought a bright end to the world as I knew it."

1:41 PM  
Blogger Kaskuss said...

Wow..a Writer's Workshop. That is quite a find. Wonder if they are region-specific. I love their concept of 'extempore' stories. You can just write down anything at the top of your mind and hey, you are not judged ! I used to do 'extempore' painting. I guess I developed this habit as a kid when I used to scribble on the walls with squiggly-wiggly lines :-)I still do that on canvas..except that people call it modern-art now ! So 'Orphan' is the topic huh ? This verse came to my mind immediately..'you are, but an Orphan, when you let your mind rule your heart'. He he. Guess I will be denied membership in your club !

3:20 PM  
Blogger Raju said...

First time here..

Good to know of writers' meet.. Similar to bloggers meet.. Hope you had and will have fun..

5:55 PM  
Blogger Ducking Giraffe said...

Hey, that was brilliant! Really!
I think workshops like those are some of the best things to happen in the land of Golden Opportunities! Oh y can't we have one here!?

11:16 PM  
Blogger jax said...

woww!! when you make it big at Barnes and Nobles, don't forget to include me in your thank you speech.

btw, my photo..i still don't have one scanned. and the lousy photographers in mangalore don't give a scanned cd.

1:44 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@M(TSU): Oh yes, the saving grace of being in USA :) I guess, i will :)

@Betterhalf: Beware! When i was writing code, i felt the same but the other side is definitely not greener :) Thanks but ramblings are the only form of writing I know :)

@Kaskuss: Wish someone would call mine as modern-art. as of now, the only client is The Mr who bound by the laws of matrimony calls all my paintings as art :D If you check the event list of a B&N store in your locality, you might find a similar workshop :)

@Raju: Welcome and yeah, i do plan to have fun :)

@Gif: I think you should just start one. You would be surprised by the response you get. Am sure it would catch up in Blr :)

@Jax: Big in B&N? As what? Their most read shop assistant? :p To include you in speech, do the scanning phasst :D

11:35 AM  

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