Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Football Widow's Diary Speaketh

Tom Brady we stand by you. Snow or shine.
Deion Branch, we hate you(atleast for the time being). And those darn referees need to be kicked in their butts. What was all those stupid calls? GRRRRR.
Anyone who passes comment on the Patriots game will be shunned :D

In other news, I am so kicked that Bengals beat Steelers. I still believe it was bad refereeing that cost Hasselbeck his Superbowl. Houzmandszadeh scored two amazing touchdowns and it is just an awesome feeling to watch the 'towels stink' :p

Speaking of Matt Hasselbeck, what a match he had! It was a wonderful game and Eli Manning was too lost to make any kind of comeback into the game.

Overall it was a pretty good NFL week. Pity we had to lose :(
What the heck?
We'll be back!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We'll be back" ==> you mean after 83 years like the Sorry Sox.. hehe...(the Evil Empire fan speaketh).. Brady is too busy sulking over a lost "branch".... He is behaving like a "devdas"..

Sharda ..Go Panthers !!!

9:56 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

"See for a losing team, a loss is just another day. But for winners, a single loss is still heartwrenching!" -- The Mr

83 years? Dude! just wait a week to watch us beat Bengals(fingers crossed)

Hmmm...yeah Brady is sulking but can't blame him, he had a great rhythm with Branch and it will take time for him to develop a similar rapport with the new guys. He threw some good passes but there wasn't really anyone to hold onto it till Gabriel walked in for that single TD :(

10:54 AM  
Blogger Perspective Inc. said...

Aaah football..

3:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon..1-2 ain't that bad a record ..we're just getting warmed up...

Beat Bengals... cough cough..need to cross your toes too..Palmer is on a roll..

If Brady takes his time...he has to watch out for Matt Cassel who is raring to go...


9:41 AM  
Blogger Sanketh said...

O! A fellow Panthers enthusiast! Well met! And thank you C. And for the tip, you get a rant!

Muwahahahaahahhahaa! Baccha Brady and his receiver issues. What was he trying to pull against Denver. I second Sharda on the 83 year drought thing. It's just that its New England. Without tragedy and drama, you all (total southern drawl here) are nothing.

We won one last Sunday didn't we? Sorry I forgot to punch in and gloat :D. Patriots at Carsonville! Did I hear 2-2? :D

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Som (The Mr.) said...

Patriots came out flat against Denver. I agree it is a big deal, since we expect Pats to win every week. Panthers! eh! Lets look at the stats how both teams did in last 5 years. :)

2001 Panthers 1-15 (loser)
Patriots 11-5 Superbowl winner

2002 Panthers 7-9 (loser)
Patriots 9-7 (loser)

2003 Panthers 11-5 (superbowl loser)
Patriots 14-2 superbowl winnner
Did you already forget the final two minutes drive of Brady in that Superbowl? :) Those two minutes were just too good for years to come. Click on the link to see Brady magic. Who was the No.1 Pats WR then? No need to have star players to win a SB.

2004 Panthers 7-9 (Superbowl loser jinx)
Patriots 14-2 Superbowl winner. Tired already?

2005 Panthers 11-5 (Postseason appearance)
Patriots 10-6 (Postseason appearance)

Patriots suffered this season due to free agency. Agreed. Still 2-1 is much better than 1-2. I don't expect Pats to beat Bengals. Bengals is clearly better team than Patriots today.

Loss against Vikings! Barely escaped with a win against Tampa! Come on! Panthers a good team?! Bubye! Good luck next season! :)

My Superbowl Predictions

Pats - Bears (my matchup)
Bengals - Bears (reality)

Panthers - no post season. good try though! (Cowboys, Minnesota NFC wildcards)

7:00 PM  

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