Thursday, January 29, 2009

Karma Sutra - A modern day fable

Once upon a time in WinterWonderland, there lived a littleGirl who refused to grow up, which was just as well because grown-ups never did anything fun. The littleGirl lived with a littleBoy she played games with. Ofcourse, being just the two of them and lots of snowy emptiness, they just played indoors. Soon a littleBaby joined their tiny household and made it one giant funhouse!

With each passing day the littleGirl found herself swamped by feeding schedules, waste management, and The Holy War against the common cold epidemic. The littleBoy spent his time minting money to sponsor the littleGirl's activities.  So when did that leave them with time to play? Never.

The littleGirl wondered if this maternal gig was really for her. She missed every bargain sale which let me tell you is really bad for any girl. And then there were those lost drives around an empty town for a midnight icecream and snoozing under the covers until the Sun was high in the sky. Plus all work and no play would make even theCreator grouchy.

Sometime the littleGirl wished she was surrounded by a bevy of servants and nannies...people to take care of her every whim and the littleBaby. Then she would have ample time to sprawl on a couch and watch the littleBaby play while someone else attended her. Oh! how she longed for an extra hour of sleep. She cribbed, sighed and cried for a miracle.

Then one day the littleFamily went to a party. After hours of nonstop music, some mundane conversations and lots of great food they came home tired but giggly that they still had a social life. Unbeknownst to them another guest had tagged along - a very stinky virus from a very bad cough.

First the littleBaby decided to befriend the guest inspite of her mother's Cold War. The littleGirl followed her with the A Big Flu. And just like that her dream came true. 

As she sat quarantined in another room, the littleBoy did everything for his littleBaby and his littleGirl. And he did it great. The littleGirl couldn't kiss the littleBaby, or hug or touch. If she did have to carry her she had to wash her hands twice and wear The Ugly Mask. The littleGirl now did have all day to sleep and laze but the chills and aches did little to help her along that way.

As she watched the littleBaby babble to the littleBoy, she realized what she had once thought as overwhelming was all she ever hug the littleBaby, smell her milky sweetness, change her diapers, listen to her laughter, have a mock fight when she bites...she wanted it all. 
She wanted it ALL!

Moral of the story
Be wary of your deep desires. They just might come true and bite you in the ass!

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Blogger Jira said...

Why is the grass always greener on the otherside?! :)
Hope you are feeling better, and Maya away from the flu!

12:06 PM  
Blogger Rod Hansen said...

Hey Kumari! -

It's Rod, formerly from your writing group. Do you remember me? Probably not. I totally blended into the woodwork. Like I wasn't even there or something.

Anyway, you'll be happy to know I've been fallowing your blog and LOVE the stories you come up with.

I've started a new short story blog as well. I'm trying to get people interested in it, because it's a lot of fun and I want to keep it going.

So, check out my new blog at:
Hey Lisa -

Great to hear from you! Hope all is well.

I got a brqand-spankin' new short story blog going. Check it out at

Take care,


2:56 PM  
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