Friday, October 17, 2014

Shut up and be heard

well not really.
but sometimes i feel if I don't write and get all my thoughts out then i end up blurting them out as these highly enlightened opinions and I am bleddy sure i sound like a fool.

There was Parent Coffee at the kids' school yesterday morning.
I am sure that one of my answers was the most convoluted one ever heard.
And i should learn to stop jumping from topic to topic; it's like my mind is playing a chain game, picking up a word from the previous sentence and moving onto a newer topic and by the time i finish my spiel we have made an 180 degree turn from the original topic :(

For all the judging I "don't" do, I still have ideas on how people should be raising their kids. i just keep it to myself and don't really walk around their houses telling them what they will find out if they listen to their kids. Now if only some of those people will stop telling me how to raise my own. I mean if I wanted perfect kids I would happily watch yours play. I need not have gotten my own.


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