Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A small word for the world

...A giant epic for the Little Girl :)

Well, wanting to exterminate my reading block, I spent a few hours in the book store and managed to read The Good Earth, Brokeback Mountain, The Cider House Rules, Light in August, Anna Karenina and The Unconsoled. In BRIEF.

One day, I hope to read them in full. For the time being, I am glad I was able to read the synopsis without getting bored :)

Food blog updated and hopefully I'll find the time to chip in with couple of more recipes and as for this blog, well, I am extremely tied up staring at the ceiling. I managed to count the cracks in just the east side and there are 3 more sides waiting :p

Totally unrelated, I took up an IQ test. Stop sniggering, I need to feed my ego at times. Anyways, this is what it says :

You scored 126 on Tickle's IQ test. This means that based on your answers, your IQ score is between 116 and 126. Most people's IQs are between 70 and 130.

Your Intellectual Type is:

You are equipped with a verbal arsenal that enables you to understand complex issues and communicate on a particularly high level(Then why does The Mr always forget to buy flowers?). These talents make you a Word Warrior. Whether or not you recognize it, your vocabulary is your strongest suit—use it whenever you can. Since your command of words is so great, you are also a terrific communicator — able to articulate big ideas to just about anyone. Your wordsmithing prowess will also help in artistic and creative pursuits. The power of words translates to fresh ideas off paper too(Will post pics of my recycled Cardboard side tables). Since you have so many words at your disposal, you are in a unique position to describe things in an original way, as well as see the future in your mind's eye. (That i do. I see myself sitting in the couch reading Shopaholic series for the rest of teh day!)

In short, your strengths allow you to be a visionary(someone's having a roaring time laughing) — able to extrapolate and come up with a multitude of fresh ideas. And you are in good company — bask in the brilliance of Word Warriors who have walked before you. William Shakespeare let loose the power of his pen(Hehehe...How divine). His ability to articulate the most subtle nuances of human nature and to create colorful characters are why his stories still have a major impact — even 400 years after he first wrote them. Whether you put pen to paper or use your understanding of the words around you to come up with creative approaches to problems, your potential as a Word Warrior is terrific.

Great Jobs for You:

Because of the way you process information, these are just some of the many careers in which you could excel:

Bah! So much for surprises! If only I can somehow inspire myself to finish my writing assignment :(
And going by this report, yours truly has decided to try out for Civil services. If nothing else, my memory will help me remember the Panipat war details clearly enough to pass the exams and become a 'Collector' of sorts. Don't laugh! I had fruit loops for breakfast and I am sure my mind is all looped up now.
Let me scoot before I blabber anymore. And yeah, I reverted back to old template as the new one attempted hara-kiri. Counseling in progress.


Blogger Ratna said...

:)))) Sorry can't stop laughing. You have great SOH (sense of humor).

5:24 PM  
Blogger Vee said...

Hey, I agree with the IQ test results, atleast in terms of the word warrior bit. I think you have a great way with words. As for the Mr. forgetting flowers, it's a man thing. Not your communication thing. :) Cheers!

7:00 PM  
Blogger Balaji said...

Ditto to what vee said... u write incredibly well and have an amazing way with words. me quite jealous :)

11:59 PM  
Blogger RT said...

Not entirely wrong, I say - the IQ results..:-)
And I watched Brokeback Mountain and read a bit standing at the shelves of Landmark recently. Though the husband nearly fainted, I kinda liked the movie. :-)

4:24 AM  
Anonymous F e r r a r i said...

Summa poondhu viLayadareenga kumari!

5:40 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Ratna: And here was I thinking that people would take me serious if I said I wanna be a collector :p

@Vee: Muchos gracias:) Aah, glad that got cleared. I was planni to paint a huge sign and place it on our door :)

@Balaji: My ego is actually purring :) C'mon I am J that i can never write a review like u do :)

@Rt: Aah, well after moving here, I read/saw so many books/movies on that subject, I am now kind of cool with it :) Tho I haven't watched brokeback mountain yet.

@Ferro: enna thalai kalaikareenga :)

12:16 AM  
Blogger Swathi said...

ey, u must read Anna Karenina proper, it finds a special place in my all-time favorite list n i bet u wudnt b disappointed too...

8:31 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Swathi: I hope so. Like I said, I've just managed to work myself out of reading block with the help of chick-lit. Soon, i'll proceed to Tolstoy n likes :)

11:25 AM  

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