Thursday, March 23, 2006

Writing Worksop -VII

Start with ""When I babysit for you pipsqueaks next saturday night, I am going to..."

"When I babysit for you pipsqueaks next saturday night, I am going to..."

2 hours ago
"That's a pretty saree," I remark, watching my mom in the mirror.
"Remind me to borrow it for our college annual day function next month."
She smiles her winning smile, "You can keep it."
Alarm bells ring in my head. My mom hardly lets me touch her wardrobe so why would she go around gifting me her pretty saree?
"Sweetie..." she begins. Now sirens are screaming aloud. Does your mother EVER call you sweetie?
"Your aunt and I are attending this house warming ceremony and"
"You need to watch your cousins."
"No way! They are brats, evil monsters and they always scream"
" I'll increase your allowance this month."
"Nothing can make me change my mind."
"I'll buy you those shoes you've been eyeing"
"Thanks darling and this includes next Saturday too."
Before I could raise the war cry, she disappears leaving me with my "cousins".

I turn around. Typhoon Tarun and Twister Tara grin at me innocently. Like I am going to fall for all that childish charm. I close my eyes for a second, trying to think of evil spells that would turn them into toads. None come to my mind. "So these are the rules," I begin, only to realise I am speaking to the walls. The pests have vanished. Damn! Double Damn!

I find them with their heads inside the fridge talking in whispers. I make a mental note to remove the Colas from the cooler. I mean, who would want to be blamed for their leaking noses?Would you?
"Ahem. Let's call it a truce."
They look at me meekly. Do they know the word truce?No time for all that research now.
"Look, I have a major test tomorrow..."
"But tomorrow is Sunday"
"Er...this is a special class and I need you two.."

"What's a special class?" asks Tara very softly.
"That's not the point. I want you two to.."
"Did you know your nose-tryles become big when you speak?", says an excited Tarun, while Tara giggles. Grrr. I mentally scratch Tarun off my New Year's gift list.
"They are nostrils not nose tryles and No, they are not big. Now listen, you two can play but I want no noise. Deal?"
"What's a deal?" Aargh they should ban kids from asking questions.
"Nothing. Now go play and leave me alone."

45 minutes ago
It's been awfully quiet in the living room. Should I check on them? Naah, not now. I need to first know what happens between Cole and Phoebe.
"Cole slips his arm around Phoebe..."
"Aaaaaaaa." Loud scream. I throw the book down and rush to the living room to find Tara wailing.
"He is hurting my tonsils."
What? Damn! I should have read those darn medical journals at the dentist office instead of last year's issue of Women's Era.
Tara clears her nose and continues, "He pinched my thigh."
"But sweetie tonsils are not in your thighs," I say, all matronly.
Tara shoots me an indignant look, "I know but I am crying coz he pinched me and then if I cry some more I'll catch a cold and then when I have a cold my tonsils grow big and then Amma will take me to the Dr.Murthy and then..." *
Phew! Somewhere during her outburst I stopped listening intently and started counting 'and then's. I think there were 7.
I look up. She's finished speaking.
"Hmm. Sorry Tara but good work on medical err tonsil research. Shame on you Tarun. Apologise to her and come, sit in the kitchen with me." I take Tarun with me. As his punishment. Or atleast that's what I believe.

10 minutes ago
Tap Tap Tap. I lift my eyes from the book and stare at him. The tapping stops.
"P-H-O-E-B-E. Pee-ho.Peehobee. L-O-V-E-S. Loves..."
I close the book.
"Is that for your test?," he asks.
"Yes. Can't you stay still?"
He looks at me with his big round eyes and says, "I am bored. When will mom come back and take us home?"

As I look into his eyes, I remember a little girl with frumpy hair, throwing a tantrum and a young lad taking her hand and telling a story.

I smile and say, "Come, let's play a prank on Tara and her tonsils."

I pull myself to my tall 5 feet height, clearmy throat, crinkle my brows and use my serious voice (normally reserved for those silly men who want to do friendship with me**) and growl,
"When I babysit for you pipsqueaks next Saturday night, I am going to bring my water pistol. So beware"

*True incident. I was the irritated babysitter who was pushed to the end of the world by my precocious 5 year old cuz ~K, who proceeded to give me that lecture on "tonsils".
** Inspired by Ms.Soup's experiences in University campus.


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