Sunday, October 01, 2006


The Bachcha jumps back

To all the panelists, analysts and others who wrote off The Patriots -- Bite Me!

A champion team is not just about wins but about its resilience and boy! did this team prove that point in style or what? It was exhilirating to watch the Patriots on the field; the way they ran the ball, scored their touchdowns and how they did all that without any "star receiver" :)

The defence stood their ground and then gained some while the offence had a wonderful run in Lawrence Maroney, the rookie. Corey Dillon's celebration penalty was worth every cent and Brady's career best run was a delight to watch.

Yes, Brady is shades away from his SuperBowl run of 2004 but it won't be long before he gets there and No! that moment is NOT 86 years away :D

In other news (Ooh! I love talking like some jet-setting reporter :p) the match between NY Jets and Colts was interesting. As much as I find Peyton Manning funny, he is definitely a great quarterback, a point he drove down in his last touchdown drive.



Blogger Little Medusan said...

Damn! You have turned into a football freakkk!! (other than all the other types of freaks you are :p)

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a good game. But can't expect the running game to take you to playoffs and further. What happens when a Denver-type team comes along and says.. "You know what.. we will shut your running game..wanna by passing". Then if Brady comes

in other news..ahh..dear ol' "pay-a-ton"..He is an out-of-this-world regular season QB..but come playoffs..he is transformed...and if he gets sacked or roughed up.. that's it..gets all jumpy..interception..he is done for the season.


2:05 PM  
Anonymous Som said...

Patriots won 3 of last 5 Superbowls. So the Patriots know how to win in Playoffs than any other teams in the league. Enough said.

Brady was the best QB last season in passing yards. Here is the link to access 2005 stats . Do you remember who carried the ball during 2002-2004 season for Patriots? Antowain Smith. He did help the team to win the superbowls. But his offence was not the only reason to win those Superbowls. Patriots game is a team game. They will keep winning as long as they play Patriots game plan like the last week game.

After Monday night game, Michael Irvin said, "I select Steve Smith as the player of first quarter of this season. Without him, Panthers were 0-2 and with him 2-0.". It is funny that one hard hit on a WR can potentially end Panthers season.


2:30 PM  
Blogger Primalsoup said...

Oh dear! What did you do to Ms K??? Can we have her back, please! Thank you!

1:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is an open secret that there was plenty of money in the salary cap and they could have easily afforded Branch. But Mr Belichick just took it personally.. Losing an MVP player is not the same as losing Ty Law or Milloy. It will come back to bite very soon. It's sad that the fans are already reminiscing abt the past wins..a sure sign of none in the future.. Pats in January... Sox in October...jeez what cud there be in common..hmm..lemme guess ? somebody wrote..the Mrs..may please continue.. :)

Cats..what we lack in talent..we make up in passion..


1:59 PM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Mandoo: Poda! :p

@Soups: I am here! But sharing blogspace for marital harmony is well worth the compromise, don't ya think? :)

@Sharda/Som: Peace :D

9:54 PM  
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