Wednesday, January 19, 2005


“Log kehte hain humein aadat hai muskurane ki”
“Magar who kya jaane yeh bhi ek ada hai gam chupane ki”

A wry smile crossed her lips. She looked at the mirror. Her reflection smiled back at her. Nothing about her had changed in these past few years. The hair style, the single lock of hair falling over her forehead, the smile, the way her eyes cringed when she smiled, her twinkling eyes...She stopped. Her eyes. They no longer twinkle.
They are bright still but then it is a forced brightness...a light not to showcase the happiness inside but a light to blind the viewer, numb his senses into believing 'All's well that ends well'.

'...ends well'. That's what this is. She stared at the crumpled paper in her hands. His letter. It was filled with happenings in his life...the little details she loved to know like the colour of his shirt when he penned the letter, the rain on his window pane...everything but what used to be... the :-* smileys hidden between lines, the 'i love you's in different languages. What was missing was him.

She thought they were meant to be. He thought too. When people who have never thought of life think of eternity together, this is what happens. They get lost. She stood under the shower. The cold water was warmer than the world around. She looked at the letter again, the water couldn't erase the writings. He always rubbed wax on his letters so that it would never gets erased. Yes, his writings were never lost but...

She stepped out of the shower, got dressed and walked out. Her husband clasped her hands and led her towards the crowd. Someone, somewhere was saying, "You are the live wire in any group. The place lights up when you enter and even the heart broken one decides to laugh when they hear you speak. And those eyes, a look at them is enough to put the star to shame".

As she walked she saw herself in his eyes. Nothing about her had changed...The hair style, the single lock of hair falling over her forehead, the smile, the way her eyes cringed when she smiled, her glistening eyes...He knew why they glistened but this was how it was meant to be. They smiled at each other and then turned around to introduce their spouses.

Din Guzar Jaata Hai Un Se Nazar Nahin Milti,
Pehle Ki Tarah Ab Un Ki Khabar Nahin Milti

Ae Khushi Tu Ajeeb Hai Ek Baat To Bata,
Dhoondta Hoon Main Jidhar Tujhe Tu Udhar Nahin Milti


Blogger Little Medusan said...

Dil Ko Manana Gar Hota Aaasaaan
Na Karta Kisi Ko Yoon Ye Pareshaan
Tanha Na Rahta Bhari Mehfil Main
Na Hoti Woh Halat Jo Ho Na Bayaan

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