Friday, March 24, 2006

Writing Workshop - VIII

Chip Off The Old Block
Prompt: You are an alien who has been sent to earth. You arrive in the heart of New York City and land in the middle of a city block. The first thing you encounter is an unidentifiable object(known to earthlings as a melting chocolate chip.) Study it. Send a transmission back to your planet about your first earthly discovery.

I slowly make my way across the planet; the warm stone tingling my soles. It is a crisp morning and I am brimming with enthusiasm. I am Fat Boy Slim. Now before you ask, I am neither fat nor a boy. I am a podcaster. Nobody really knows what we were called before we became, well, you know, podcasters. We are Uggs who live in pods on Planet Gnogg. Every new moon, we cast our pods and move into new ones. Hence the nomenclature. Or is it because we transfer information from one area to another? I can't say coz we really don't have any literature on it.

This is my first mission. Our leader Glutinuous Scumbag saw this new planet through his Furrospecs and sent me on this top secret expedition. It's Top Secret, so ofcourse, the entire planet knows.

I had parked my ship and was exploring the area little bit. And that was when I ran into it. Dark, sensuous and soft to touch. A trifle too soft maybe but I guess our Freezoids will take care of that. But I knew we should befriend this planet as soon as possible. I mean, we could pick our bedding stuff right off this huge open shop and not pay at all. This IS a fun planet.

I close my eyes and think of Scumbag. He receives my report.

Psst: As much as i am an ardent fan of sci-fi and have devoured every possible book of Clarke & Asimov, this was a tough cookie :( I wrote this in the last 10 mins of my 30 mins, after rejecting 2 pages of ideas. If someone else can do justice to this, I would be happy :)


Blogger Me said...

sci-fi and i are worlds apart..
good ones on the writing workshop!!!

2:35 AM  
Anonymous Humsika said...

I felt hot, I knew I was hot because my nose turned a shade of red which is a sign that my body needs to cool down. The tubes on my leg and the wierd lookind tubes covering my ams and chest were not helping either. I was used to wearing mud-strips called "Langoti". the people were not friendly and kept talking to themselves. They were selling tubes everywhere and there are too many tall rectangular structures. It seems like an unhealthy environment. Our leader often talks about radiation and how it kills, I message back saying he should give a talk here. I walk slowly absorbing the smells and registering sights. A loud beep distracts me. It is from the mother ship asking me to walk slowly, the absorbtiona dn registration is too fast for them to keep track and records. So I stop. A little creature runs past. He is yelling and screaming and the person with long hair and a single tube for its legs, seems more interested in rubbing stuff on her face. The boy spots me and throws something at me. Oh...Oh....It falls down. I look at it registering it from all angles and using my vison slowly open a metal foil. It looks brown, I absorb the smell and the machine dosen't understand. Aye..aye what am I supposed to do. The brown thing was slowly melting, it seems like it was passing from one phase to another. My old grandfather went from solid to vapour state the other day, maybe this was also going to change like that. I bent down and picked it up, it was sticky and messed my hands...I was about to touch it with my mouth, when suddenly lud alarms rang, my ear seemed to explode and my legs were shivering....from somehwere far, far away came a voice..."MUNNA.....How many times have I asked you not to eat things from the ground"...Mother??!!??

7:44 AM  
Blogger Archster said...

I can never do sci fi. i can barely do fiction. The lil that ive managed to... is just a whole load of projection.

Ooops. :)

Great writing.

4:46 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@Me: Thank you :)

@Humsika: Wow! That's cool. A completely different line of thought. Me likey :)

@Archster: See, we've already established tis season to gloat, so projection or not, they are great stuff! Thankoo :)

11:23 AM  

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