Friday, January 21, 2005

Pasta for Little Medusan's eyes...

A few days back Mandoo called up all the waaaaaaay from SLC to check on me. We talked and talked and talked and finally he said that i should post something Hot & Spicy in my blog. Good idea but then what exactly would be defined as 'Hot & Spicy'?

JLo? Eeeyuuuck!
Britney Spears? Well there is hardly anything left unheard of and unseen for me to write home about.
Everest Chaat masala? Naah, i would become extinct :p
Brad Pitt? Ooooh...that's wonderful esp. now that Jennifer is not in competition
But then when a man with a nose as red as a Red Bell Pepper happens to be your buddy and he calls you long distance just to ask you to write about women's clothing, you can't refuse. I am not a fashion-expert, not when i match a red blouse to a purple skirt and still walk around like i am Versace's pet :)
So Diba & Prajakta, do please forgive me as i take this journey into realms where you are the unchallenged leaders.

Mandoo's doubts are on the subtle differences between the different names that do exist for women's blouses.

Spaghetti Top: Don't ask me why but that is how this piece of attire is called. I didn't know it had been promoted from the lingerie department till i saw the dames in my city walking around in them and blaming the Sun for the heat. This top looks more like an innerwear than an outer wear with straps in the width of a spaghetti. Yippee i mangaged to explain one!

Noodle-strap Top:, this is a close cousin of the above except this has not one but two wafer thin, noodle-thick straps. Mind you these straps are nowhere close to tautness as the spaghetti ones are. The prime reason to have such flimsy straps is to make them slip and fall when sitting next to a guy or dancing with him in the disco, as exhibited by Kareena in K3G. This sure did make Suzanne steam and turn a lovely Tomato-red!

Tube Top: God bless the girl who wears this! Coz if it wasn't for HIS blessing, i seriously have no clue how they make it stay put. This has NO straps and defies all the laws of Gravity known to man. I am sure if it were in existence at the time of Newton and if Newton were to be sitting beside his beloved and not under an apple tree, we would have been happier with a few lesser laws to learn in Physics. This is just a cylindrical piece of cloth with no neck, no shoulders, looking more like an artistically cut pipe. That explains the name.

The blouse: I have no name for this. Coz this to me looks more like a badly cut tube top with little shoulder piece which is still deciding whether to stick on or move on. Mind you, the shoulder piece is just marginally thicker than a spaghetti strap and covers just one shoulder. Beats me!

The Ragamuffin Top: Hehehe, i named it so. This is a very normal blouse with nice bell sleeves that almost engulf the girl's entire arms, however there is a minor catch. Or is it major? The sleeves are cut in a zillion places. A couple of tiny stitches hold the entire sleeve together. Why would anyone ever cut a lovely blouse into so many shreds and then stitch them together?

Well i am sure there are more to this list but then if i write any more, i would start laughing uncontrollably so let me catch my breath and get on with work.

For all their funny names, the world would definitely be duller but for these tops and the girls in them. I mean , how would Univercell sell their cell phones, if they can't have a huge billboard with 5 girls, each of them wearing one of the above mentioned tops in vibrant colours? It's a different matter altogether that none of them carry any phones.
Long live men! and their love for Art!

Little Medusan, here is your scandalous, 'Hot & Spicy' prose :)
Have a nice weekend!


Blogger Sagnik Nandy said...

wow, i have to confess that the post was very rich in educational content. i just find it amusing that most women sporting spaghetti tops can never actually taste real spaghetti courtesy its effects on the figure.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

:-D Well since Mom has strictly classified the spaghetti tops to be in the lingerie department, i can't be caught dead in one of them forget strutting around alive! So i binge on spaghetti with a light mind :):)

3:11 AM  
Blogger jax said...

very very educational! please throw some light on what a 'tank top' is!

11:34 AM  
Blogger Vishnu said...

Yep,tank top was definitely hot in the list and its criminal to miss it :-)

And can you please define trinklet for me now :-p

5:56 AM  

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