Sunday, January 23, 2005

Can you keep a secret?

Nope this is not a trick question.
Naah, this isn't rhetorical either, whatever that means.
This is the title of the latest book i read. Sophie Kinsella's "Can you keep a secret?".
I couldn't stop laughing since i picked it up. It is romance but not the M&B kinda trash.
I dont know, maybe i was really depressed but i genuinely like this kind of humour. Somehow found myself hooked to the lead characters and couldn't wait till i found out whether they got together or not.

It was all about this 25 year old marketing assistant getting onto a flight and babbling all her secrets to a complete stranger sitting next to her coz she is afraid of flying and the bloody plane gets into some air turbulences and this "stranger" turns out to be her billionaire boss. And the story takes off from there.

After reading it in one sitting, i was wondering what my secrets were...would i be comfortable telling it to a complete stranger...of course i should know before hand that i would date this stranger n we would eventually click and ....happily thereafter...
Yeah right, who am i kidding? The age of big romances sunk with the Titanic. Forget big, where the hell is the romance?

But i still don't have as many secrets as Emma does. Infact not only are there many, they aren't even remotely interesting...
  • I have saved up my first molar tooth which fell in my 4th standard in a ring box, wrapped in velvet.
  • I collect velvet strips and my friend Shoba cut this piece from behind her sofa and sneaked it to me in school. ( i told you they would be boring!)
  • I hate lizards. i can't stand them.
  • I love to keep coffee in my mouth and then swallow it drop by drop. My aunt says i eat coffee n dont drink it.
  • I get the shivers if i see honeycomb, or anything that is in clusters.
  • I once smuggled some crazy romance novel written by Agatha Christie (under a pseudonym Mary Westmacott or sth) from my dad's shelf and tried to make sense of the word smooch in my 3rd std.
  • I firmly believed my whole life was being shown as a soap opera to a kid in Scotland and i refused to take bath in my kindergarten. (You can imagine my shock when my childhood fear was actually made into a movie - The Truman Show! Damn why didn't someone tell me about patents before?)
  • I thought that Mani Ratnam would see me on the road and ask me to do a role in his movie and i would be this super gorgeous, down to earth, homely, silver screen , National Award winning actress. That was in the 7th std.
  • I really don't understand management and i sleep with my eyes open in my office meetings.
  • I can't stand computers but i still patiently listen when my cuz gushes about this new game. Well, he does look like this sweet kid when he talks of computers. :)
  • I had this crush on a Muslim chap in my flat and believed that we were an item together just like ArvindSamy n Manisha in 'Bombay'. (don't you snigger)
  • I strongly believed 'i love you' and 'kiss' were bad words when in 3rd std. ( i have since grown up :p)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am a Mahesh you don't know yet. I reached ur blog through Meera at nous-reigns, another BITsian.

This 'secret' was the best.."I firmly believed my whole life was being shown as a soap opera to a kid in Scotland...":-))
Then thinking kiss and love were bad words when in 3rd standard...well well join the club!
And atleast one of ur pet secrets seem to be common to the female folk: being afraid of lizards..!!

11:11 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

Thanks for dropping by Mahesh.
Well i am afraid of various other creatures too but decided to leave them aside for the better:)

10:34 PM  

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