Friday, January 21, 2005

my fingers crossed...

i sent my entry for India Smiles Contest finally.
Phew! i thought it would be a burden lost but it has increased the butterflies count in my stomach...

Come to think of it why do we keep insisting butterflies are fluttering in our stomachs when we get the heebie-jeebies?
Why would any sane butterfly decide to flutter inside a dark, clammy membranous organ when it can roam around the world under a clear, blue sky for free?

And when it is the hunger pang, we insist rats are running amuck inside. To spare you i shall not quote the Hindi original.

Wonder if animals have such idioms n phrases...
Would really be hilarious if Rinty were to tell Cozmo, "Bow boww wooow bowow" which in crude translation be,"I have these guys going hoppity hop in my tummy. Let me find a tree/lamp post fast" (yeah i know; a very long translation for a short speech but then 'Maintenant' in French stands for 'NOW')

Should i actually think of an epilogue for this post...naaah, too much trouble.
Adios amigos!


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