Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Random My Ass

Apr 4, 2006
The Missus spent the day doing some last minute packing, none of it including stuff we would use eventually but like I said, packing is an art and who said it made sense? The flight was at 3.40 P.M. The Mr who left office at 12 noon asking The Missus to be ready as the taxi was expected at 2pm, managed to drop his bulk at the doorstep only at 1.40 P.M. Hmpf! And they say women keep men waiting.

2.20 P.M. and still no sign of taxi.
Missus: "Btw, you do have our passports ready right?"
Mr: "I have mine. where is yours?"
Missus: "What?!! Ddn't I give it to you the other day?"
Mr: " Yes you did but I brought it right back home. It should be in that white envelope, somewhere."

Cursing The Mr, Missus runs two flights of stairs, finds the passport, manages to change into her new Reebok running shoes instead of the old and comfortable Nike ones (You have to look smart for Mickey), changes her jacket and runs back downstairs to an amused Mr who couldn't fathom how she managed all in the span of 3 minutes :D

Taxi finally arrived and we made it to the airport well in time. At the security check, the guard pulled aside The Mr for some "extra scrutinizing". The ladies who inspected me asked me to move out with my baggage as I was in the clear. Then one of them said, "But if she is minor, we have to detain her too." I said, "I am 25 and I am his wife" to which she replied, "Oh but you look so young." I was so elated, I just smiled at The Mr who was being diligently questioned by the stern American guard. After 10 minutes, he was let free, with an 'SSSS' marked in red on his boarding pass. To his query why they picked him, the guard had said, "Just a random check." The Mr quoted the famous line from Inside Man, "Random my ass!" :D

Apr 4, 2006 9.30P.M.
We checked into Howard Johnsson only to find that they hadn't booked the suite for us. What? And we lugged the $100 worth of food and utensils all the way from Nashua to eat at Arby's? After a few minutes of haggling with the desk clerk, we finally got him to give us an oven & fridge by next morning. The room was clean, lotsa space with 2 double beds of which one was solely dedicated to throw our clothes around. Home away from home, indeed :p
Apr 5, 2006 7.30 A.M.
Now prior to leaving Nashua, I had filled up 2 Excel sheets with an hourly timetable of what we'll do each day. And almost all of it depended on us getting out of hotel by 8 A.M. But try as you might, it is tough to get out from under a quilt. I nudged The Mr, saying he being the leader, should wake up first. He threw it right back at me saying that I needed hours to get ready so I should get up first. After 15 mins of haggling, I finally sulked my way to the bath.
An 8 A.M call to the Car Rental Agency put all our plans into disarray as we were informed our pick-up would arrive only at 9.30 A.M. Our dejection soared when we realised the hotel's free 'continental breakfast' included just orange juice, coffee and different kinds of pastries. Pray do tell me which continent eats like this?? Not one to give up, I cajoled The Mr into bringing our chappathis and channa masala down to the reception and heating it in their oven. I mean, which sane person eats Banana cake for breakfast? I can eat 3 bars of Snickers but Banana Cake??
10.30 A.M and 3 frantic calls later, we're still waiting for that '9.30 A.M' pick-up. The Missus was all pouty and grumpy which made The Mr edgier. This vacation wasn't going according to plan at all. Hell! It was more like an April Fool's Joke. The car finally arrived at 11 A.M with a tanned and profusely apologising driver. The Rental Agency gave us an extra day free as we had to wait so long. Yay! there is a God after all. The Mr gave me a look to say, "See, it was well worth the wait" to which I tried to come up with a witty retort and failed miserably.
And finally, The Mr and his Missus, slowly made their way to Disney World- MGM Studios.
Travel stories will be continued later as I am finally blessed with sleep :)
Just one more day in Disney :(


Blogger IBH said...

now that brought back tonnes of memories attached with our last year's Disney trip :) and ofcourse 'Continental Breakfast' too :)

That brings a smile on my face :) When we went down to cafeteria they said this is 'Breakfast' we provide...and what we see,

all mini sized muffins (so small that I can gulp four muffins at one go) and orange juice and those american coffee that I always dread to even touch :)

but luckily our hotel was right next to IHOP.. so ...:)

11:42 AM  
Blogger Ratna said...

:)) Can't wait for the rest of the episodes.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Primalsoup said...

Ah, she is back. Two excel sheets on things to do?! Errrrm. Such planning is a bit scary.

9:48 PM  
Blogger littlecow said...

Did he really say "random, my ass"? And did he get away with it? What does SSSS mean? Amazing!

5:10 PM  
Blogger shub said...

waiting for more! :D
and I CAN eat pastries for breakfast :D
make that breakfast, lunch AND dinner*grin*

12:45 AM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@ibh: We had brought food from home, so it was fun. Otherwise, there was an Arby's close by :D

@Ratna: :) Will write soon.

@Soups: I know. That's why i felt the planner in the suitcase when we went out eventually :)

@LC: Now, he wouldn't dare risk our trip, would he? All that smart-alec comments were for my ears tho later he did say sth really cheeky to another stewardess but thankfully, she just gave him a funny look and didn't say much :)

@Shub: Well, I can too only if it's some nice sponge cake or date cake. I don't like 'their' cinnamon-laden muffins and cakes so much :(

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're such a fob.

8:48 PM  
Blogger nevermind said...

excel sheets?!! Know someone who uses excel sheets for the weekend. do u know each other? chap lives on this end.

6:45 AM  
Blogger shub said...

ah...I meant stuff like black forest , and pineappla pastries! yumm!

1:22 PM  
Blogger Kumari said...

@shub: Oh yeah, those I can eat too :D

@Nevermind: I never plan. But every trip advisor site asked me to prepare a plan n i did. Never used it tho' :p So i doubt your friend knows me :)

@Anon: Coming from a spineless person protected by anonymity, that is indeed rich.

6:12 PM  

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