Monday, June 27, 2005


I finally did it.
Got my wedding blog up and running. It is still in its nascent stage so please excuse the hiccups (or do i spell it hiccoughs?) The Mr is back to feeling good and presently at office after a scrumptious meal of 'Katrikai Ghotsu' and 'Vathakuzhambu' leftovers from yday's lunch.

If i had problems trying to maintain a single blog i have no clue what i am going to do with 2 new ones. Did i say two? Oh yes, i forgot to mention the travel diary that i will try to maintain henceforth. Gosh! Was it hard thinking of an url that wasn't already taken up.

In anycase, i suppose most of my writings would be found right here but if The Mr leaves me in a cranky mood then you know where to look for the fumes.

See you soon.

Friday, June 24, 2005

The Irony

When a newly married couple board a flight, escape nagging and pampering relatives who want to know if ground work has been done for that adorable little girl, cross the Atlantic to the Land of BIG Opportunities, settle into a cozy house by the pine woods one would expect many things to rise in such a setting.

Au contraire, the only thing that has risen is The Mr's temperature. He is running a high fever for the past two days and the doting wife that i have transmorgified into, i have been pampering him with home made concoctions to ease that headache (thanks to ISD calls) and cold, making spicy Pepper rasam for that throat, all in vain. The fever refuses to subside.

This country amazes me. The same situation in India, all i need to do is hire an auto, bundle him into it, take him to the doc and presto! he would have been cured or atleast told what is ailing him two days back.[The grammar is pretty bad in that sentence but hey! blame it on Jet Lag!]
But in the US of A, we are forced to call up the Dr, book an appointment and wait in pure agony till that darn receptionist says "Mr. Natarajan, you may go in now". Sigh! If you call this luxury, i'd rather live in poverty.

More updates on The Mr's health after our visit to the cute Muslim doc (now you know why i so badly wanted him to get well on those concoctions alone) this afternoon. Time now for breakfast...wheat bread, peanut butter, orange juice :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Chronicles at 7PM EST

One moment you are right at the centre of a mind-boggling event surrounded by million faces; few known, many unseen before...each one wanting you to have their face imprinted on your mind and just as you try to come to terms with the overwhelming madness around you, you find yourself mercifully pulled out of the cacophony and placed in a serene cottage surrounded by pine trees and guess what? You MISS the madness!

Yes, this is yours truly reporting from Nashua, New Hampshire - a state that goes by the slogan 'Live free or die'. The first thing that struck me as soon as i landed in town after an unimaginable 18 hours at 38000 feet above sea level is that "This country is too BIG for my size". I am not kidding. Chomu took me to Walmart and the next moment i was calling Amma to tell her how onions in the States were as big as the local cabbages in Chennai and lemons the size of oranges.

Been sleep walking through the past 54 hours or so. Trying to settle into my new abode and convert Chomu's bachelor palace into our home. Tough job. Why do men hate shelves??? From rent receipts to bank checkbooks to LOTR (blasphemy), from shoes to house keys to CDs, every thing is on the floor.
But I must say i am making progress considering i just assembled my own bookshelf. No help from anyone. Yipeeee! Even if i am a half-baked engineer at least my carpentry skills are still sharper than what Appa believes in.

And my cooking has definitely improved. The fact that we were having pongal and sambhar at an odd 5.45 A.M this morning had nothing to do with it or the truth that we were famished having gone to bed at 3 P.M last afternoon and got up this morning at 3 A.M. and missed dinner during that 12 hour nap. Just that Chomu has no other place to run. Buhahahaha!

I have loads to read on all your blogs, upload my wedding snaps, work on that 'Tag' Rathish passed on and call up the world. Till then...ciao!