Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Toronto & Niagara

First week of July we set out on a mini vacation to Toronto & Niagara. By car :D The Mr drove for 10 hours non-stop while I entertained him by singing off key loudly. Of course, bowled over by the size and beauty of both Niagara and Toronto, our trip was extended by another week :)

The First two shots are of Toronto Downtown Skyline as our boat pulled in to port from one of those islands on Lake Ontario. Btw, that lake is HUGE!
The second set of snaps are from Niagara. Niagara is so beautiful, i doubt if any snap or writeup can do it justice . And the Rainbows, man! I fell in love with the beautiful rainbows the mist formed.

Will post more awesome pictures( clicked by me, of course) of the T&N trip soon.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hide n Seek

You realize the pain runs deeper when a day of retail therapy doesn't so much as elicit a smile. Does life exist in a rain forest after an acid rain? Do the trees forget the pinching burn and sprout leaves? Does earth forgive the scathing kisses of the skies? Does hope linger in the tiny blade of grass wanting to break free?

I don't know. I never know. All I have at any given point in time are questions. Questions that should never, ever be answered, much less truthfully. The Truth doesn't really lighten the burden. It adds more muck and fills the whole damn place, till you stifle in the very truth you dared to utter.

That's why I've decided to remain a liar. A victim of desire. The desire to walk through life effortlessly and painlessly. With a smile on my lips. But don't look into my eyes. The Truth that escaped sunlight, could be hiding there.

Under shadows.